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Chartered accountant India:

Chartered Accountant India represents a combination of technical skills, which can be geared to offers sound financial advice and personalized proactive services. Those related to the firm have regular interaction with industry and other professionals that enables the company to keep pace with modern developments and to meet the needs of its clientele.

Chartered Accountant India helps business organizations to use resources efficiently.

Our experienced C.A will helps you to utilize resources effectively, increase efficiency and achieving the goals and objectives.

We LegalPillers are here to help you with our specialized, trained, skilled and skilled C.A’s who are dedicated to providing efficient services.

The following are the various services that a chartered accountant can provide

A significant phenomenon of recent times is that the rapid growth of the accountancy profession. The vast changes occurring in the economy of this country have been putting great responsibilities on the Chartered Accountants India. It also represents a challenge to the profession to bring to bear their expertise and ability in their specialized fields of action. You can find Chartered Accountant near me for tax filing at our platform. The kinds of functions generally performed by the online CA are varied. The more important ones amongst them are discussed below.

Accountancy by online CA

This includes the writing up of accounts and the preparation of financial statements. It encompasses a wide area that ranges from simple Book keeping to complex financial analysis by the online CA.

Auditing by CA office near me

Possibly among the most important features of a CA office near me/CA firms near me, it is here that his specialized training, ability and judgment are most often called into play. The purpose of auditing is to meet the users of financial statements in which the accounts presented to them are drawn upon bookkeeping principles and that they represent a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the organization.

Taxation service by CA firms near me

The assessment of taxation is very closely connected with financial accounts. The CA firms near me with his experience in accounts are in an advantageous position for preparing the returns for taxation purposes, representing assessments before the Income-Tax authorities and producing general information on taxes to his customers. An additional responsibility placed on him is that his services will be required by the tax department for auditing complicated scenarios, having substantial revenue potential. The requirement under the Income-Tax law for compulsory maintenance of accounts by the given categories of taxpayers would also create a demand for his time and services.

Cost Accountancy by CA near me

A CA near me is also trained to ascertain the costs of manufacturing and of processes at various levels of operations in the manufacture of a product and in the rendering of a service. He is also equipped to provide costing information for the guidance of management, introduce cost control techniques and help the management in establishing appropriate selling rates.

Special Company Work by Chartered Accountant India

The services of Chartered Accountant India are often sought in connection with issues such as the formation, financial structure and liquidation of limited companies. Secretarial and Registration work and the other duties can also be undertaken by them, in addition to other company work.

Investigation service by CA near me

CA near me are often called upon to carry out an investigation to determine the financial position of a business in connection with matters such as a new issue of share capital, the purchase or sale or financing of a company, reconstruction, and amalgamations. CA near me services is also sought for undertaking investigations with a view to achieving greater efficiency in management or administration, discovering reasons for increases or decreases in profits, etc.

Companies Secretarial Work by online CA

In a well-organized company or group of companies, the Secretary is a man with a professional qualification (often a Chartered Accountant/Company Secretary) who, as well as his multifarious other duties, is an important link in the management chain. The continued growth of limited companies enables the online CA/ income tax consultant near me/ CA firms near me to provide secretarial services to small companies, many of which are being virtually run by some people that are unable to afford a full-time secretary.

Management Accounting by Income Tax Consultant Near Me

This is another field in which the Income Tax Consultant Near Me can render a service that is utilized in a variety of ways like formulation of policies, day to day control, performance analysis, etc.

Share Valuation Work by CA office near me

The CA office near me undertakes the evaluation of stocks of public and private companies when amalgamation or re-organization takes place with the goal of takeover bids and other acquisitions.

Virtual CFO Services by our online CA

Best Virtual CFO Services by our online CA enable a company to hire an Outsources CFO services provider in NCR & all over India who have the high ability and ability to aid the company in financial matters and Business Finance Consulting including online CA services. You can find us by just searching CA firms near me, CA online, CA near me, or Find a CA.

The Chartered Accountant India as Management Consultancy

Chartered Accountant India play a valuable role in assisting business organizations to use resources effectively, increase their efficiency and achieve their goals and objectives. As a management consultant online CA/CA near me serve the following services too-

Other Activities

One of the many other duties undertaken by CA firms near me, mention could be made from service as an arbitrator for the settling of disputes and people connected with insolvency work, such as the preparation of statements of affairs and the duties of a trustee in bankruptcy or under a deed of agreement. Apart from these services Chartered Accountant near me for tax filing is also available at our platform. Along with these services you will get the following assistance also by our income tax consultant near me as-

These are some additional services offered by our CA near me/ online CA/ CA office near me services established at our portal LegalPillers.

LegalPillers, a name in the professional age, which has evolved over one decade as a trusted name as Leading Chartered Accountant firms with online CA services in India. LegalPillerswas established by young and dynamic CA’s with a vision to create new benchmarks in best online CA services delivery in professional missions. You can find us by just searching CA firms near me, CA online, CA near me, Chartered Accountant near me, or Find a CA/ Chartered Accountant near me for tax filing.

Our qualified and best-chartered accountants in India made it a reality to bring us one of the Top CA firms near me in India. We focus on value addition to solutions as well as value-added to client business aiming for ultimate customer satisfaction.

We offer the following Chartered Accountants/ CA services online to a company/individual/group of organizations, etc. You can click on respective service headings to go to respective service pages or just search CA companies near me personally, CA online, CA near me or Find a CA, and you will get a reference for our company.

8 Advantages to take service from outsourced or Virtual CFO:

If you are confused about whether to hire one or not, here are the benefits of having a Virtual CFO/online CA/ income tax consultant near me for every small and medium enterprise (SMEs):

The benefits of VCFOs & Online CA Services/ CA near me/ CA firms near me/ CA office near me are innumerable. But, there are a whole lot of misconceptions prevailing in the current market, it being the unconventional way of the company.

Our GST Related Services by CA near me/CA office near me/online CA


Domestic & International Taxation Services:

We offer income tax-related advisory and consultancy solutions to corporate businesses and partnerships through our experienced team of Online Chartered Accountants and Lawyers.

Tax preparation and filing for individuals:

Representation before tax authorities- Online CA Services:

We handle various matters associated with representations before tax authorities up to Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) on different tax-related matters.

If you are looking for Chartered Accountant near me for tax filing, CA near me, CA firms near me, Chartered Accountant India, online CA, CA office near me, income tax consultant near me service, this is the right place where you can all services related to Online Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and Advocates at the same platform. For more details, you can talk to our professionals at 9625279785 or 9267941961 or you may write to us at


What are the responsibilities of a Chartered Accountant?

Chartered Accountants are having various responsibilities related to various accounting, taxation and other works. They are playing a very crucial role in making the Indian economy better.

How much does a CA charge for filing ITR?

ITR filing cost starts with Rs. 399/-, however, it completely depends upon the work and nature of transaction = on which we determine the amount of any service.

How does an online CA services provider work?

Yes, nowadays almost all companies are outsourcing the work related to accounting, taxation, GST and other related work. These will help the organization in reducing its cost.

Where would you find the best Chartered accountants in India?

To get the best Chartered Accountant in India, you have to contact to LegalPillers. We are providing Best CA in India so that you can get better service at reasonable fees.


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