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All About Trademark Registration in India

All about Trademark Registration Online

It takes too much time, energy & income for building a brand identity in the market and the source of doing this is unique symbols including logo, slogan, packaging, color combinations & jingles. But until you register these symbols as trademark, you can’t safeguard your brand identity. Here we will discuss about Trademark Registration online in detail so that you can get all clarity over it. 

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a logo, slogan, packaging, color combinations or jingle used by a business that distinguish its goods & services from the others available in the market. Logo trademark registration protects the identity of brand, services & product from being copied. Any individual, company or legal entity can own a trademark that has managed by the Indian Trademark Department which falls under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

Types of Trademark in India

There are different types of trademarks. Each type has its own importance and plays a vital role in protecting the brand’s identity. You have to identify carefully before going for Trademark registration online India.

  • Word Marks: The simplest form of trademarks that consists words, letters or numbers only.
  • Design marks: Design marks are visual elements including logos, graphics or symbols.
  • Combined marks: It is the combination of both words & design elements.
  • Slogan marks: Under this, brands are identified by some unique phrases or slogans.
  • Product packages: The traditional trademark that includes the overall appearance & packaging of a product.
  • Sound marks: Some products have the distinctive sounds to protect the brand identity which is known as jingle.
  • Color marks: Some specific colors that have been associated with a brand can be protected as trademarks.

Some Points related to Logo Trademark Registration

In India, trademark registration is crucial step for the businesses to protect their brand identity and differentiate their goods & services from the other competitors present in the market. It is a legal process that secures the exclusive rights to protect a particular mark by a business or individual. IP Trademark registration is required to protect your intellectual property rights which are consider as your assets.

Trademark Registration Online Process 

Trademark Registration online process is very simple if you are doing it through a trademark registration near me consultants. You have to remember some crucial points while doing the trademark registration. The trademark registration online process is as given below.

Step 1: Understanding the eligibility criteria

Firstly you have to understand the eligibility criteria. Your trademark must be distinctive and does not identical to any other existing trademark.

Step 2: Classification of trademark

The applicant must have to classify their trademark into the specified categories of the Nice Classification System that comprises of 45 classes of goods and services which includes the classes 1 to 35 representing goods and the rest of the classes representing services. Classification of the trademark regulates the scope of protection and the use of trademark. This plays a major role in brand trademark registration

Step 3: Search of Trademark

After classifying the class of the trademark you should have to do a thorough search of the trademark in the same class via online database of the Indian Trademark Registry. It helps in minimizing the risk of objection during examination. If you find the similar marks that have been existed, registered or pending for registration so it is better for you to modify your trademark.

Step 4: Trademark Application filing

After making sure that no similar trademark has been existed then you have to proceed for filing the trademark application. It is important to file the trademark application to get your trademark registered. For this you have to use the TM-A form. You have to file this application either online or offline. If you choose to file the application online than you have to take a print out of the form and have to personally handover it to the Registrar Office of Trademarks and if you file it online then you have to file it via official website of Indian Trademark Registry.

For online registration, you need the following details:

  • Personal details of the applicant
  • Class of your business
  • Objective of your business
  • Representation of the trademark

Step 5: Fees Payment

For the trademark registration process you must have to do the payment of the required fees. Usually in case of if applicant is individual then government is is Rs. 4500/-, however in case of applicant is body corporate, then government fees is Rs. 9000/-.

Step 6: (TM) Symbol

After filing the trademark registration application, you will get your acknowledgment and you can use the symbol of (TM) with your brand name.

Step 7: Trademark Examination 

After filing application, the uniqueness and availability of the proposed trademark will be check by the Registrar of Trademark who generates a trademark examination report. On the basis of this report the examiner can either accept the application for publication in trademark journal or can raise an objection.

Step 8: Replying to the objection

If there is any objection raised by the examiner then the applicant must have to respond to the objections within 30 days. If the examiner is satisfied then they will proceed the application for trademark publication and if not, then they may summon the applicant for hearing to resolve the issue.

Step 9: Trademark publication in journal

After resolving all the objections and application acceptance by the examiner, the trademark will get published in the trademark journal for public. If there is no objection or opposition by the third party then the trademark application will proceed by Registrar of Trademark for issuing the Trademark Registration Certificate.

Step 10: Settlement of third party opposition

If the third- party raise any objection or opposition, then to resolve it, is an important aspect. It includes the negotiation, settlement or legal proceedings (hearing). On the basis of evidence & hearing it has been decided whether the application will be accepted or rejected.

Step 11: Trademark Registration Certificate

After resolving all the issues, the certificate of Trademark Registration will be granted to the applicant. This certificate will valid for the 10 years from the date of application. 

Step 12: Trademark Renewal

The trademark owner should have to renew the Trademark to maintain their rights. There is no restriction on the number of times that the trademark can be renewed.


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