It is now compulsory by the FSSAI department for several of the Food Business Operators (FBOs) in India to get an FSSAI license to establish their business in India. The FSSAI logo registration plays a significant role in letting people know that the product is FSSAI Licensed and hygienic to eat. It is important for all of the FBOs to get a 14 digit FSSAI License number and print it on the food products. FSSAI monitors for FSSAI Registration of food business operators on a casual basis and practices intense actions over those businesses whose licenses have died or not having an FSSAI Registration

There is an enormous degree of consumer confidence in the security and quality of food. It functions to encourage innovation in food products. It assists in the elimination of various regulations and promotes trade without compromising consumer safety and a greater percentage.

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What is FSSAI Logo?

It is a design that indicates a legal license for FBO’s (Food business operator) as per the guidelines given by the Food Safety Standard Act (FSSAI Act), 2006. The FSSAI is a regulatory body that looks after oversight and implementation of food safety practices and safe food handling practices. FSSAI gets the ability to approve and reject the selling of food products. It is the only authority that issues the FSSAI logo and FSSAI Registration number. The design of this FSSAI logo shows the blue, black, orange and orange colour.

To identify the FSSAI logo is much easier; if you buy a food product and see a logo of FSSAI on it means that product is fulfilling the criteria of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. If you visit a store dealing with food items, such a place or store must have a Food License or registration containing FSSAI Logo.


Guidelines on how to use FSSAI logo?

  1. Every pre-packaged food shall carry a label containing information as required here under unless otherwise provided, namely,—
  2. The particulars of information required under these Regulations to be printed on the label shall be in English or Hindi in Devnagri script:
  3. Pre-packaged goods/products shall not be described or presented on any label/packet or in any labelling manner that is wrong, misleading or deceptive or is likely to create an wrong impression regarding its character in any respect;
  4. Label in pre-packaged foods shall be apply in such a manner that they will not become separated from the container in which they are;
  5. Contents on the label shall be readable, clear, indelible and readily legible by the customer under normal conditions of purchase and use;
  6. If the container is packaged by a wrapper, the wrapper shall carry the requisite information or the its label on the container shall be readily legible through the outer wrapper and not obscured by it;
  7. License number shall be displayed on the primary display panel in the following format, namely:-


  1. If the surface area of the package is equal or less than 100 square centimetres, the label of such package shall be exempted from the requirements of list of ingredients, Lot number, batch number, code number, nutrition information, instructions for use. However, this information may need to be included in a wholesale or multi-piece package.
  2. The‘date of manufacture’or ‘best before date’ or ‘expiry date’ may not be required to be printed on the package having surface area of less than 30 square centimetres but such information shall be given on the wholesale packages or multiplies packages, of products as the case may be;
  3. In case of liquid products marketed in bottles, if such bottle is intended to be re-used for re-filling, the requirement of list of ingredients shall be exempted, but the nutritional info specified in regulation 2.2.2 (4) these provisions shall be provided on the label. Provided that in case of such glass bottles manufactured after March 19, 2009, the list of items and nutritional information shall be given on the bottle.
  4. If food with a shelf-life of not more than 7 days, the‘date of manufacture’may not be required to be printed on the label of packaged food articles, but the ‘use by date’ shall be mentioned on the label by the packer or manufacturer.
  5. In case of multi piece packets, particulars regarding list of ingredients, nutritional information, Date of manufacture/ packing, best before, expiry date labelling of irradiated food and, vegetarian logo/non vegetarian logo, may not be specified.

Mistakes FBO do related to FSSAI Logo-

FSSAI Logo – All-Big brands overlook the FSSAI Logo on the tag layouts. This is a mandatory requirement which means a legal license for FBOs as per the guidelines is awarded from the Food Safety Standard Act, 2006. Non-compliance with this may start with numerous consequences.

FSSAI License Number – FSSAI License or Registration is mandatory to get for commencing the food business in India. The 14 digit FSSAI License Number is required to be published on the food products using its logo The FSSAI License Number & FSSAI Logo assembles the legality of your product & brand. The lack or improper utilization of the can begin to cause large penalties & impositions.

Supply Chain Details – Many products have different manufacturers, importers, packagers, marketers and also the company has many locations then information must be provided for the distribution chain too. The Food license online apply number for this has to be specified on the label.

False Claims – Many businesses display false claims on their product labels with no prior NOC from the FSSAI. If you want to claim something in your product labels or maintain it proprietary, you need to select FSSAI Product Approval, take the consent and claim. Non-compliance to this provides FSSAI that the power to sue your merchandise in India even cancel your Food license online apply number.

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