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Know all about Directors KYC, Due dates, Penalty

To know about Directors KYC first you have to know about DIN. DIN denotes Directors Identification Number, this is a unique number allotted by the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs to a person who is going to be a director in the company. A director can not hold multiple DIN, if posses or applied shall be considered as serious noncompliance and such person shall be liable for the penalty.

What is Director KYC?

After allotment of DIN, there are some changes of particulars of directors such as a residential address, mobile number, email id or other information, which usually the ministry can not update due to failure of intimation at directors end. To verify the director’s information every year the Ministry has introduced Director KYC concept. By filing Directors KYC your data such as a permanent residential address, present residential address, email id, a contact number will be updated with MCA. For updation of directors record, you have to file e-Form DIR-3KYC annually before the due date.

Who is required to file DIR-3KYC?

Every Individual holding DIN on 31st March 2019 and status of such DIN is “Approved”, is required to file DIR 3 KYC.

For the subsequent period, Every individual who has been allotted with DIN and who is holding DIN as on 31st March and status of such DIN is “Approved” is required to file this form.

What is Director KYC’s last date?

Directors KYC due date is as follows-For the Financial Year. 2018-19- 

director KYC due date to file the form was 15th October 2019(extended by MCA).

FY 2019-20 onward: This form is required to be filed on or before 30th April of the immediate next financial year, i.e., directors holding DIN on 31st March 2020 is required to be file this form by 30th April 2020.

However in the last 2 years after the introduction of e-Form DIR 3 KYC, Ministry has extended director KYC due date many times and provided options to file director KYC with fewer fees or free fees.

What are the Fees of Director KYC?

There is no government fees levied on Directors KYC form filing. However, professionals who certified forms charged their professional fees. We at LegalPillers providing Directors KYC filing at very nominal charges.

What are the consequences for non filing of Directors KYC form?

If any person file after the director KYC due date,  his DIN will be deactivated by MCA. After the deactivation of the DIN director will not be able to sign any form and also shall not be able to form a new company.

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What are the late fees of Director KYC?

After director KYC due date if the form is filed then you have to pay Rs. 5000/- as a penalty.

What are the documents required for e-Form DIR-3KYC form filing?

 Here is the list of important documents and information required for filing of e Form DIR-3 KYC as-
  1. DIN
  2. Name of the director as per PAN database
  3. Copy of Adhaar and PAN
  4. Personal Email id and contact number
  5. Copy of Passport/DL/Bank Statement

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Que- Does disqualified directors are required to file Director KYC form?

Ans- Yes, a disqualified director may file director KYC form but a person who has been disqualified by MCA due to non filing of Annual Returns of the company shall not be able to file director KYC form.

Que- Whether revision of e-Form DIR-3KYC form is available?

Ans- No, once form submitted with the department you cannot again upload the same form, however, you may file e Form DIR-6 for details updation purpose.

Que- How many days it takes to update information?

Ans- Director KYC form is on Straight through the process mode, so it immediately updates the information.

Que- Is e-Form DIR-3KYC form is required to file by a person having DIN but not a director in any company?

Ans- Yes, If you have DIN and you are not a director in any company, in such cases, you also need to apply for Director KYC FORM.

Que- How do I file a KYC for directors?

Ans- For filing of Directors KYC form you have to visit MCA Portal and submit it after mentioning requisite information and documents.

Que- How do I update my Dir 3 KYC?

Ans- For updation of DIR 3 KYC you must have requisite documents and other information so that you can fill the form and submit it with the department after getting certified by Professional.

Que- What happens if DIN is deactivated?

Ans- You have to identify by what reason your DIN got disqualified. If DIN has been disqualified due to nonfiling of Annual Return of company, in such case you will be not able;e to file DIR 3 KYC. In another case, if you fail to file DIR 3 KYC and your DIN got disqualified, now you have to submit DIR 3 KYC with late fees.

Que- How do I file a KYC for directors?

Ans- For filing Directors KYC you have to file e forms with MCA before the due date fixed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Que- Is director KYC also applicable to foreign directors?

Ans- Yes, foreign directors are also liable to file director KYC with departments within the due date.

Que-Whether a non-resident director is required to Does file Directors KYC form?

Ans- Yes, an NRI director is also required to file Director KYC within the due date.

Que-What is the DIR 3 Web-Based service?

Ans- A DIN holder if he already files DIR 3 KYC form with MCA does not require to file DIR 3 KYC again, in such case person needs to file information through DIR 3 Web-Based service which only asks mobile the number and email id for OTP validation purpose.

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