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How To Apply For An Online Fssai License?

The FSSAI License is mandated for all the food business operators in India, keeping in mind the food hygiene for all the individuals. The Food business in India is operating a business without a license must apply today. To maintain the quality of your food and give it all the standards to buy, it is important to label all your food products and services under FSSAI. FSSAI is the legal body in India that helps to maintain food hygiene and never allow any type of health problem to occur because of food or its products. FSSAI logo is compulsory to put on your food products after registration is made FSSAI logo makes the awareness among the people and builds credibility towards your food business. Must apply for fssai online registration. Let’s have a detailed learning how to apply for a food license?

But before that let’s understand what is FSSAI and fssai registration?

What is FSSAI?

A legal food regulatory authority of India is popularly known as FSSAI. FSSAI is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. The Food Authority controls and supervises Food Business Operators’ safe food processing, storage, and handling practices (FBOs). Compliance checks by FSSAI and the compliance of FBOs with the regulations and standards as set out in the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Since 2006, FSSAI has been under the authority of all acts and legislation related to food and related goods. The FSSAI issues an Enforcement (C) badge to compatible FBOs and issues them a suitable Food License in conjunction with their annual turnover.

Let’s take a closer look at this food license registration.

Overview of fssai registration in India

A fssai registration is made under the legal body name FSSAi, which provides a 14-digit FSSAI license number to all the food business operators who are registering their business. The FBOs have instructed to follow up all the rules under the FSSA Act in India 2006. The FSSAI registration provides you a license to use the FSSAI logo which is published on your food products or labels, to make all the consumers sure that the food they are consuming is completely tested and goes through stages of checking for their hygiene. You can see the FSSAI logo on all the branded companies’ products like Nestle, Giani’s, Haldiram’s all these food chains have printed the FSSAI logo on their products. In recent updates, it’s amazing to know that all the food apps are asked to get in touch with those for business only who have FSSAI registration done and provides FSSAI loo to all the Food Aggregator apps. The popular examples are Swiggy and Zomato.

When you apply for FSSAI License it’s important to know that there are 2 types of forms – FORM A & B. It’s on you which type of registration you are going to pick in obtaining a food business license.

There are 3 types of food license registration :

  • Basic FSSAI Registration- For all food businesses and related operations such as storage, sales, distribution, repacking, and marking for which the annual turnover does not exceed Rs. 12 lakh, or for food businesses that have a maximum turnover of Rs. 12 lakh annually, the basic FSSAI registration applies.
  • State FSSAI License- The fundamental condition for applying for a State Food License is that your company’s annual turnover comes anywhere between Rs. 12 lakh and a maximum of Rs. 20 crores. You need to apply to the state government where your company is headquartered for the FSSAI State License. FBO suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers or Dhaba, clubs, canteen, restaurants can apply.
  • Central FSSAI License- The primary prerequisite that the annual turnover reaches Rs. 20 crores are to become eligible for a Central FSSAI Registration. This license must be made under the guidance of and by the central government. There are several other elements to be considered besides this important law for 100% export-oriented units, importers,
    Central Government related operators and related agencies. A central food license needs to be applied for by the FBOs with more than one branch of restaurants or food joints. For its Registered Head Office and separate license/registration for each branch, FBOs operating in 2 or more states must apply for one Central License in compliance with the eligibility requirements applicable to them.

Procedure for registering all the food businesses in India: Details

There are 5 basic online registration measures for food business :

Step 1: Open a website for food license online

Firstly you just need to log into the FSSAI official website is this on google and the official sites open up asking you to Register or Signup or Create an account on the website providing valid details like contact number and e-mail address etc. You can pinch into the Register.

Step 2: Fill Form A, B, or C according to the type of regsitration

You are provided with FSSAI registration form A or FSSAI registration form B or form C in these phases, depending on the type of online FSSAI registration :

  •  Basic FSSAI License – Up to ₹ 12 Lakhs ( Form A)
  • State FSSAI License- ₹12 lakhs– ₹ 20 Crores ( Form B )
  •  Central FSSAI License- Exceeding ₹ 20 Crores

Choose one of them according to your turnover. FSSAI registration A is for Basic & FSSAI registration type B is for both the FSSAI Central & State License. A License in Form C shall be given by the Licensing Authority, a true copy of which shall be displayed in a prominent position at all times within the premises where the FBO is engaged in the food industry.

Step 3: Compile  & Submit all the Documents Online

There some documents that are required to attach with your fssai online registration form like ID & Address Proof they are common in every type of fssai registration. At the online portal, you will be asked all types of documents according to your type of fssai registration that is basic, state, or central fssal registration.
After the documents assembling all the documents upload them. Furthermore, they are sent for approval and the inspection will be carried out by the Designated Officer appointed by the FSSAI Department between approval.

Step 4: Waiting for Application Approval of FSSAI registration

When the selected officer by the FSSAI departments arrives, he has a checklist that must be passed by a food company. He/she will forward the authorization to the FSSAI department if he/she is pleased. If he is not satisfied, he will give a note of progress. The application will be confirmed in less than 15 days.

Step 5: FSSAI License is Issued successfully

The FSSAI license will be given to you along with a 14-digit FSSAI license number after the FSSAI department approves your application.

Important Note :

  1. You have to apply for a registration or license within a time frame of 30 days after signup into the online portal. Otherwise, the account will be disabled after 30 days.
  2. You will be issued with a 17-Digit FSSAI Application Reference Number (ARN) once you have submitted the application to keep track of your FSSAI Application Status.

General documents required for all types of fssai registration online :

The documents listed below are mandatory to be submitted by all Food Business Users (FBOs). Whether they apply for basic registration, a State license, or an intermediate license, this is required for all:

  • Form A or Form B (Form – A of basic FSSAI registration and Form B of State or central FSSAI registration) – completed and signed
  • 2 Recent Passport-sized Photos
  • Business Owner / Owner / Partner / Director PAN Card
  • Proof of Property (Documents of Property – if the property is yours, Work Loans (Electricity or Water) or Lease Agreement – if the property is leased),
  • Deed of partnership,
  • Certificate of merger or Articles of Association (AoA) of a company.
  • A complete list of food items that the business will be involved in.
  • Food business working under the Central Government or related agencies such as Railways, Airports, and Airport, Security Port, Security, etc.
  • Appropriate Food Safety Management System (FSMS) system (applicable for State License or Central Food License only).

Start your food business with FSSAI Registration will turn to more goodwill into the business and leads to its expansion in the future. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between registering and licensing for Fssai? 

Any individual or organization not classified as an operator of a small-scale food business is required to obtain an FSSAI license to operate a food business in India. Compared to an FSSAI registration, the fee and process for obtaining an FSSAI license are more detailed.

Who wants registration from Fssai? 

Before starting any food business operation in India, obtaining an FSSAI license is compulsory. All vendors, distributors, and restaurants involved in the food industry must obtain a 14-digit license number printed on their food items.

What does FSSAI do for the food business in India?

Since 2006, FSSAI has been under the authority of all laws and regulations related to food and its products. FSSAI points are compliant with FBOs for compliance, recognition, and granting them a suitable food license in conjunction with their annual turnover.

How can I Search FSSAI License Number online?

 At fssai goverment online portal enter Login With Your Username And Password. You will fund all Details About that Fssai License Number.

How long is FSSAI License Valid?

For a duration ranging from 1 year to 5 years, and FSSAI license can be issued. When you apply for an FSSAI License, you will determine how long you want to obtain the FSSAI License. Your fee can vary according to the time selected, too.

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