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How to Register Digital Marketing Agency in India: Online Company Registration

For operating a digital marketing firm in India, you must first register your company with any other business structures that are accessible in the country. To Register Company Bangalore of digital marketing, you have to follow various Online Company Registration processes or other business registration processes for the registration of a business structure, the following options are possible.

  • Sole Proprietorship registration 
  • Partnership firm registration  
  • LLP Registration 
  • One person company
  • Pvt ltd company registration online

A digital marketing agency is a service-based organization that generates revenue by delivering services to generate sales and leads using online platforms.


Registration of a Sole Proprietorship:

A sole proprietorship business is run by a single person. A sole proprietorship is an option for an Indian person who wants to create a digital marketing business. Furthermore, it is the most popular and straightforward platform for small businesses. Furthermore, there is no need to spend a lot of money on registration and compliance. Furthermore, any amount of capital can be used to start the business. The documents required for Online Company Registration :

  1. The proprietor’s PAN card is required for the business name.
  2. Furthermore, bills for utilities such as electricity or water (Business Place)
  3. Voter ID Card/Aadhaar Card
  4. Photographs of the proprietor are also available.
  5. Bank for Current Accounts Passbook with the Company’s Name


Partnership firm registration :

If you’re running a business with one or more partners, you can launch a digital marketing company, and the partnership firm business model is gaining traction in India. It allows for a simple registration and compliance management. A partnership entity is not required to file financial reports with the Register of Firms, and you are simply required to file tax filings. Only when a firm’s constitution changes do the registrar of firms necessitate reporting. The Online Company Registration for partnership have some important documents to submit that are :

  • Form No. 1 duly filled with a Court stamp affixed on it. 
  • Copy of Notarised or Registered Partnership Deed (Attested)
  •  Proof of ownership: Water Bill, Electricity Bill, and House Tax Receipt (Attested Copy)
  •  NOC or Affidavit in the designated format
  • Rent Agreement attested copy 
  • Residential proof Attested copy of all the partners like Voter ID, Passport or Aadhaar Card


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration

The advantages of limited liability, similar to a corporation, and the flexibility of a partnership are combined in an LLP. An LLP also has its own legal identity and can enter into transactions under its own name. Furthermore, partners’ liabilities are limited in proportion to their agreed-upon contribution to the LLP. In addition, partners are protected from joint liability in this situation. Furthermore, they are not liable for other partners’ unlawful actions. As a result, there is no requirement for a minimum amount of capital. In addition, the number of partners is limited to 2-200 in this case.

Following are the mandatory documents needed for an LLP: 

  • DSC of all the partners 
  • A proof of the registered office
  •  LLP Agreement
  • PAN & TAN Documents of Partners
  • ID proof, Address proof, Residence proof, photographs of all the partners


One Person Company Registration

In India, the OPC business structure was adopted in 2013. It’s a one-person company, but it’s not the same as a sole proprietorship. It is, nonetheless, a type of private corporation. Unlike ownership, OPC entails legal recognition. In addition, unlike a sole proprietorship, it limits an entrepreneur’s responsibilities and provides certain tax benefits. As a result, one director is the bare minimum.

An individual can form an OPC using the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically (SPICe) form (MCA). You know you can convert an OPC company into pvt ltd company registration online also. Register Company Bangalore easily with simple documentation submission online:

  • Id address proof
  • Email address, contact number, photo
  • Electricity bill and ownership proof or rent agreement 
  • Name of company
  • Others information as required


Pvt ltd company registration online

For entrepreneurs with stronger growth ambitions, Pvt ltd company registration online is a popular choice. It will be registered under the Companies Act of 2013 for certain purposes. Similarly, the maximum number of members is limited to 200. Shareholders are the company’s investors. They also put money into the company to run it. Share capital determines who owns what. It has a legal identity that is distinct from that of its members. The corporation must also file annual returns reports and income tax returns statements with the registrar of companies. Shareholders and directors benefit from this business structure. Shareholders are the company’s investors who give capital to conduct the company’s operation. Directors are concerned with obligations and powers to run the business efficiently. Additionally, a director and a shareholder can be the same individual. Directors receive compensation from the company in exchange for their services, and if they are non-executive directors, the firm may pay sitting fees for attending board meetings. The documents needed for pvt ltd company registration online are:

  • Adhaar, PAN, Voter ID
  • Email address and contact number
  • Photograph of directors
  • Electricity bill of office
  • Rent agreement or ownership proof of office
  • Other information as required by MCA

Latest update on pvt ltd company registration online February 09, 2021.  According to the MCA, there would be 13.1 lakh active firms at the end of December 2020, up from 11.8 lakh at the end of 2019, reflecting an increase of 11%.



Income tax returns will be influenced by the business structure. As a result, it is critical to choose a business structure wisely. Furthermore, each company structure has its own set of regulations. To Register Company Bangalore, one must consider all legal aspects.

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