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All About Trademark Class 10

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All About Trademark Class 10

Trademark Class 10, as classified under the international Nice Classification system, primarily encompasses a wide range of medical and surgical instruments and apparatus, making it a crucial category for businesses involved in the healthcare and medical device industry. This class includes products such as surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, dental instruments, hearing aids, and other medical devices used for diagnosis, treatment, or surgery. Registering a trademark in Class 10 is vital for companies in this sector to protect their brand names and logos associated with these critical medical and healthcare-related products.

Important goods included in Trademark Class 10

  • Support bandages, orthopaedic bandages.
  • Special clothing for medical purposes, for instance, compression garments, stockings for varices, strait jackets, orthopaedic footwear.
  • Articles, instruments, and devices for menstruation, contraception, and childbirth, for example, menstrual cups, pessaries, condoms, childbirth mattresses, forceps.
  • Therapeutic and prosthetic articles and devices for implantation made of artificial or synthetic material, for instance, surgical implants comprised of artificial materials, artificial breasts, brain pacemakers, biodegradable bone fixation implants.
  • Furniture specially made for medical purposes, for example, armchairs for medical or dental purposes, air mattresses for medical purposes, operating tables.

Goods not included in Trademark Class 10

  • Medical dressings and absorbent sanitary articles, for instance, plasters, bandages, and gauze for dressings, breast nursing pads, diapers for babies and for incontinence, tampons (included in Class 5).
  • Surgical implants comprised of living tissue (included in class 5)
  • Tobacco-free cigarettes for medical purposes (included in class 5), and electronic cigarettes (included in class 34)
  • Wheelchairs and mobility scooters (included in class 12)
  • Massage table (included in class 20)

List of popular examples of Trademark Class 10

  • Johnson & Johnson: Medical & surgical instruments and apparatus.
  • Novartis AG: Surgical & medical apparatus, artificial limbs, eyes, teeth, etc.
  • Abbott Laboratories: Surgical, medical, dental & veterinary instruments.
  • Medtronic: Surgical & medical apparatus, etc.
  • Danaher Corporation: Medical & laboratory diagnostic equipment, etc.
  • General Electric: X-ray tubes and apparatus, etc.
  • Siemens Healthineers: Surgical & medical apparatus, artificial eyes, limbs, teeth, etc.
  • Stryker: Medical & surgical goods, etc.
  • Durex: Condoms, contraceptive appliances of all kinds.

List of goods classified under Trademark Class 10


  • Abdominal belts
  • Abdominal corsets
  • Abdominal pads
  • Acupressure bands
  • Acupuncture needles
  • Air beds for medical purposes
  • Air pillows for medical purposes
  • Air cushions for medical purposes
  • Air mattresses, for medical purposes
  • Ambulance stretchers
  • Anaesthetic apparatus
  • Anaesthetic masks
  • Analyzers for bacterial identification for medical purposes
  • Anti-nausea waistbands
  • Anti-rheumatism bracelets
  • Anti-rheumatism rings
  • Apparatus and installations for the production of X-rays, for medical purposes
  • Apparatus for acne treatment
  • Apparatus for artificial respiration
  • Apparatus for DNA and RNA testing for medical purposes
  • Apparatus for testing breast milk for medical purposes
  • Apparatus for the regeneration of stem cells for medical purposes
  • Apparatus for the treatment of deafness
  • Appliances for washing body cavities
  • Arch supports for footwear
  • Armchairs for medical or dental purposes
  • Artificial teeth
  • Artificial jaws
  • Artificial limbs
  • Artificial skin for surgical purposes
  • Artificial breasts
  • Artificial eyes
  • Athletic tapes
  • Audiometers


  • Baby feeding dummies/ pacifiers
  • Balling guns/ bolus guns
  • Basins for medical purposes
  • Bed-pans
  • Bed vibrators
  • Beds, specially made for medical purposes
  • Belts for medical purposes
  • Belts, electronic, for medical purposes
  • Biodegradable bone fixation implants
  • Biomagnetic rings for therapeutic or medical purposes
  • Blankets, electric, for medical purposes
  • Blood testing apparatus
  • Body composition monitors
  • Body fat monitors
  • Body rehabilitation apparatus for medical purposes
  • Bone void fillers comprised of artificial materials
  • Boots for medical purposes
  • Bracelets for medical purposes
  • Brain pacemakers
  • Breast pumps
  • Breathing apparatus for medical purposes
  • Brushes for cleaning body cavities


  • Cannulae
  • Capillary tubes for medical use
  • Cases fitted for medical instruments
  • Castrating pincers
  • Catgut
  • Catheters
  • Chambers/ spacers for inhalers
  • Childbirth mattresses
  • Cholesterol meters
  • Clips, surgical
  • Clothing especially for operating rooms
  • Commode chairs
  • Compression garments
  • Compressors [surgical]
  • Condoms
  • Containers especially made for medical waste
  • Contraceptive implants
  • Contraceptives, non-chemical
  • Cooling pads for first aid purposes
  • Cooling patches for medical purposes
  • Corn knives
  • Corsets for medical purposes
  • Crutches
  • Crystals for therapeutic purposes
  • Cupping glasses
  • Curing lamp for medical purposes
  • Cushions for medical purposes


  • Defibrillators
  • Densitometers for medical purposes
  • Dental burs
  • Dental apparatus and instruments
  • Dental apparatus, electric
  • Dentists’ armchairs
  • Dentures/ sets of artificial teeth
  • Diabetic monitoring apparatus
  • Diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes
  • Diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes use in medical laboratories
  • Dialyzers
  • Disposable steam-heated masks for therapeutic purposes
  • Disposable steam-heated patches for therapeutic purposes
  • Dosage dispensers for medical use
  • Douche bags
  • Drainage tubes for medical purposes
  • Draw-sheets for sick beds
  • Dropper bottles for medical purposes
  • Droppers for medical purposes
  • Drug-coated/ drug-eluting stents for thrombosis
  • Dummies for babies/ pacifiers for babies


  • Ear trumpets
  • Ear picks
  • Ear plugs [ear protection devices]
  • Ear plugs for swimmers
  • Elastic bandages, not for dressings
  • Elastic stockings for surgical purposes
  • Electric acupuncture instruments
  • Electric massage guns
  • Electrocardiographs
  • Electrodes for medical use
  • Endoscopy cameras for medical purposes
  • Enema apparatus for medical purposes
  • Esthetic massage apparatus


  • Facial aesthetic treatment apparatus using ultrasonic waves
  • Feeding bottles/ babies’ bottles
  • Feeding bottle valves
  • Feeding bottle teats
  • Filters for respiratory masks for medical purposes
  • Filters for ultraviolet rays, for medical purposes
  • Finger guards/ finger stalls for medical purposes
  • Forceps
  • Fumigation apparatus for medical purposes
  • Furniture specially made for medical purposes


  • Galvanic belts for medical purposes
  • Galvanic therapeutic appliances
  • Gastroscopes
  • Gloves for medical purposes
  • Gloves for massage
  • Glucometers/ glucose meters
  • Gum massagers for babies


  • Hair prostheses
  • Haptic suits for medical purposes
  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing protectors
  • Heart pacemakers
  • Heart rate monitoring apparatus
  • Heating cushions, electric, for medical purposes/ heating pads, electric, for medical purposes
  • Hemocytometers/ haemocytometers
  • Hospital beds
  • Hot air therapeutic apparatus
  • Hot air vibrators for medical purposes
  • Hydrogen inhalers
  • Hypodermic syringes
  • Hypogastric belts


  • Ice bags for medical purposes
  • Implantable subcutaneous drug delivery devices
  • Incontinence sheets
  • Incubators for medical purposes
  • Incubators for babies
  • Inhalers
  • Injectors for medical purposes
  • Instrument cases for use by doctors
  • Insufflators
  • Intrauterine devices


  • Keratometers/ ophthalmometers
  • Kinesiology tapes
  • Knee bandages, orthopedic
  • Knives for surgical purposes


  • Lamps for medical purposes
  • Lancets
  • Laser therapy helmets for treating alopecia
  • Lasers for medical purposes
  • LED facial aesthetic treatment apparatus
  • LED masks for therapeutic purposes
  • Lenses [intraocular prostheses] for surgical implantation/ intraocular prostheses [lenses] for surgical implantation
  • Lice combs
  • Love dolls [sex dolls]


  • Magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] apparatus for medical purposes
  • Masks for use by medical personnel
  • Massage apparatus
  • Massage chairs with built-in massage apparatus
  • Maternity belts
  • Medical apparatus and instruments
  • Medical cooling apparatus for treating heatstroke.
  • Medical cooling apparatus for use in therapeutic hypothermia
  • Medical guidewires
  • Medical isolation booths
  • Menstrual cups
  • Microdermabrasion apparatus
  • Mirrors for dentists
  • Mirrors for surgeons


  • Nanorobots/ nanites for medical purposes
  • Nasal aspirators
  • Nebulizers for medical purposes
  • Needles for medical purposes
  • Neural helmets for medical purposes
  • Nipple shields for breastfeeding


  • Obstetric apparatus for cattle
  • Obstetric apparatus
  • Operating tables
  • Ophthalmoscopes
  • Orthodontic appliances
  • Orthodontics rubber bands
  • Orthopaedic bandages for joints/ orthopedic bandages for joints
  • Orthopaedic belts/ orthopedic belts
  • Orthopaedic footwear/ orthopedic footwear
  • Orthopaedic soles/ orthopedic soles
  • Orthopedic articles/ orthopaedic articles
  • Oxygen concentrators for medical purposes


  • Pads for preventing pressure sores on patient bodies
  • Patient examination gowns
  • Patient hoists/ patient lifting hoists
  • Pessaries
  • Physical exercise apparatus, for medical purposes
  • Physiotherapy apparatus
  • Pill crushers
  • Pill cutters
  • Pins for artificial teeth
  • Plaster bandages for orthopaedic purposes/ plaster bandages for orthopedic purposes
  • Portable earpicks with endoscopy function
  • Portable hand-held urinals
  • Probes for medical purposes
  • Protection devices against X-rays, for medical purposes
  • Protective masks for medical purposes
  • Pulse meters
  • Pumps for medical purposes


  • Quad canes for medical purposes
  • Quartz lamps for medical purposes


  • Radiological apparatus for medical purposes
  • Radiology screens for medical purposes
  • Radiotherapy apparatus
  • Radium tubes for medical purposes
  • Receptacles for applying medicines
  • Respirators for artificial respiration
  • Respirators for filtering air for medical purposes
  • Respiratory masks for artificial respiration
  • Respiratory masks for medical purposes
  • Resuscitation apparatus
  • Reusable sanitary masks made of gauze
  • Robotic exoskeleton suits for medical purposes


  • Sanitary masks
  • Saws for surgical purposes
  • Scalpels
  • Scissors for surgery
  • Sex toys
  • Slings [support bandages]
  • Soporific pillows for insomnia
  • Sphygmotensiometers/ arterial blood pressure measuring apparatus/ sphygmomanometers
  • Spirometers [medical apparatus]
  • Spittoons for medical purposes
  • Splints, surgical
  • Spoons for administering medicine
  • Spoons for patients with tremor
  • Stents
  • Sterile sheets, surgical
  • Stethoscopes
  • Stockings for varices
  • Strait jackets
  • Stretchers, wheeled/ gurneys, wheeled
  • Support bandages
  • Supports for flat feet
  • Surgical bougies
  • Surgical cutlery
  • Surgical sponges.
  • Surgical apparatus and instruments
  • Surgical drapes
  • Surgical implants comprised of artificial materials
  • Surgical robots
  • Suspensory bandages
  • Suture needles
  • Suture materials
  • Syringes for injections
  • Syringes for medical purposes


  • Teeth protectors for dental purposes
  • Teething rings
  • Temperature indicator labels for medical purposes
  • Testing apparatus for medical purposes/ apparatus for use in medical analysis
  • Therapeutic facial masks
  • Therapeutic magnets
  • Thermal packs for first-aid purposes
  • Thermo-electric compresses [surgery]
  • Thermometers for medical purposes
  • Thread, surgical
  • Tips for crutches
  • Toe separators for orthopaedic purposes
  • Tomographs for medical purposes
  • Tongue scrapers
  • Traction apparatus for medical purposes
  • Trocars
  • Trusses/ hernia bandages


  • Ultrasonic imaging apparatus for medical purposes
  • Ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes
  • Umbilical belts
  • Urethral probes
  • Urethral syringes
  • Urinals being vessels
  • Urological apparatus and instruments
  • Uterine syringes


  • Vaginal syringes
  • Vaporizers for medical purposes
  • Veterinary apparatus and instruments
  • Vibromassage apparatus


  • Walking frames for persons with disabilities
  • Walking sticks/ canes for medical purposes
  • Water bags for medical purposes
  • Waterbeds for medical purposes
  • Wheeled walkers to aid mobility


  • X-ray apparatus for medical purposes
  • X-ray photographs for medical purposes
  • X-ray tubes for medical purposes


Trademark Class 10 plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the intellectual property rights of businesses operating in the medical and healthcare sectors by providing protection for brand names and logos associated with various medical and surgical instruments and apparatus. This class is essential for ensuring that consumers can distinguish between different medical products on the market, maintaining the integrity and quality of healthcare-related goods. As innovations in medical technology continue to evolve, Class 10 remains a vital component of trademark classification, helping businesses protect their brands and maintain trust among consumers in the field of medical and surgical equipment.

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(FAQs) about Trademark Class 10

  • What is Trademark Class 10?

Trademark Class 10 is a classification category used in the international Nice Classification system for trademark registration, primarily covering medical and surgical instruments and apparatus.

  • What kinds of products and services fall under Class 10?

Class 10 includes medical and surgical instruments, diagnostic apparatus, dental instruments, hearing aids, and various other medical devices used in diagnosis, treatment, and surgery.

  • Can I register a trademark for a medical device in Class 10?

Yes, you can register a trademark for a medical device in Class 10 to protect your brand associated with healthcare-related products.

  • Is it necessary to classify medical instruments and devices separately from other products?

Yes, it is important to classify medical instruments separately to ensure clarity and specificity in trademark registration and protection, preventing confusion with goods from other classes.

  • Is pharmaceuticals part of Class 10?

No, pharmaceuticals are typically classified under different classes (e.g., Class 5) because they are considered different from medical instruments and apparatus.

  • Can I register a trademark for a dental equipment brand in Class 10?

Yes, dental equipment falls within the scope of Class 10, and you can register a trademark for such products.

  • Are hearing aids covered under Class 10?

Yes, hearing aids are included in Class 10, as they are medical devices used for hearing-related purposes.

  • Can I use a Class 10 trademark for diagnostic equipment used in healthcare?

Yes, Class 10 trademarks cover diagnostic equipment used in healthcare, and you can register a trademark for these products.

  • Can I register a trademark for a surgical instrument brand in Class 10?

Yes, surgical instruments are a key component of Class 10, and you can protect your surgical instrument brand with a trademark registration.

  • What is the significance of trademark registration in Class 10 for medical equipment companies?

Trademark registration in Class 10 is vital for medical equipment companies to protect their brand identity, ensure product authenticity, and maintain consumer trust in the healthcare industry.

  • Can trademarks in Class 10 be transferred or licensed to other parties?

Yes, trademarks in Class 10 can be transferred (assigned) to other parties or licensed for use by third parties under specific agreements, allowing for revenue generation or strategic partnerships.

  • How long does a trademark registration in Class 10 last?

The duration of trademark protection in Class 10 can vary depending on the jurisdiction, but it is often initially granted for ten years and can be renewed.

  • Can I register a trademark for a specific medical procedure or technique in Class 10?

Trademarks typically cannot be registered for medical procedures or techniques as they are considered non-trademarkable subject matter. Trademarks primarily protect brands associated with tangible goods and services.

  • Are medical software applications included in Class 10?

Medical software applications are generally classified under Class 9, as they are software products.

  • What is the process for trademark registration in Class 10?

The process involves submitting an application to the relevant trademark office, describing the goods or services, paying the required fees, and going through examination and approval stages.

  • How can I search for existing trademarks in Class 10 before applying?

You can conduct a trademark search through the trademark office’s database or hire a professional to perform a comprehensive search to ensure your desired trademark is not already registered.

  • What are the potential consequences of infringing on a Class 10 trademark?

Infringing on a Class 10 trademark can lead to legal action, including cease and desist orders, damages, and the requirement to rebrand or stop using the infringing mark.

  • Is it necessary to renew a trademark registration in Class 10?

Yes, trademark registrations typically need to be renewed periodically to maintain their protection. The renewal period and requirements can vary by jurisdiction

  • Can I use a Class 10 trademark for online services related to medical devices?

Yes, you can use a Class 10 trademark for online services related to medical devices if they are directly associated with the sale or distribution of these products.

  • Can I register a trademark for a brand of medical gloves in Class 10?

Yes, you can register a trademark for a brand of medical gloves in Class 10, as they are considered medical and surgical instruments and apparatus.

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