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All About Trademark Class 18

All About Trademark Class 18

Trademark Class 18 is one of the 45 classes established by the Nice Classification system for the registration of trademarks, and it encompasses a diverse range of goods related to leather and leather products, as well as various items made from these materials. This class includes leather bags, wallets, luggage, backpacks, and other leather accessories, as well as non-leather products like umbrellas, walking sticks, and harnesses. Trademark owners in Class 18 often seek protection to safeguard their brand identity in the fashion, travel, and accessory industries, making it a crucial category for businesses dealing with these materials and products.

Important goods included in Trademark Class 18

Trademark Class 18 mainly includes leather, imitations of leather and also certain goods that are made of those materials. The goods included in Trademark Class 18 are as given below-

  • Luggage and carrying bags, for instance, suitcases, trunks, travelling bags, sling bags for carrying infants, school bags
  • Luggage or luggage tags
  • Business card cases and pocket wallets
  • Boxes or cases of leather or leather board

Goods does not included in Trademark Class 18

  • Walking sticks or canes for medical purposes (included in class 10)
  • Clothing, footwear, and headwear of leather for human beings (included in class 25)
  • Bags and cases adapted to the product they are intended to contain, for example,-
  • Bags adapted for laptops (included in class 9)
  • Bags & cases for cameras and photographic equipment (included in class 9)
  • Cases for musical instruments (included in class 15)
  • Golf bags with or without wheels (included in class 28)
  • Bags specially designed for skis and surfboards (included in class 28)
  • Certain goods made of leather, imitations of leather, animal skins, and hides that are classified according to their function or purpose, for instance,-
  • Leather strops (included in class 8)
  • Polishing leather (included in class 21)
  • Chamois leather for cleaning (included in class 21)
  • Leather belts for clothing (included in class 25)

List of popular examples of Trademark Class 18

  • American Tourist: Luggage and Bags
  • VIP: Bags, suitcases, briefcases, etc.
  • Skybags: Suitcases, trunks, travelling bags, etc.
  • Safari: Travel cases, travel bags, backpacks, etc.
  • Aristocrat: Bags, suitcases, briefcases, purses, etc.
  • Wildcraft: Games, playthings, gymnastics, and sporting articles
  • Delsey: Handbags, travel bags, trunks, etc.
  • Tommy Hilfiger: leather bags, wallets, etc.
  • F Gear: Handbags; school bags; shopping bags, etc.
  • India Circus: Leather, imitation leather, umbrellas, etc.

List of goods classified under Trademark Class 18


  • Adhesive tags of leather for bags 
  • Animal skins or pelts
  • Attaché cases


  • Backpacks for carrying infants
  • Bags for climbers
  • Bags for campers
  • Bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather for packaging 
  • Bags for sports
  • Bags
  • Beach bags
  • Bits for animals [harness]
  • Blinkers [harness] or blinders [harness]
  • Boxes of leather or a leather board
  • Boxes of vulcanized fiber/ fibre
  • Bridles [harness]
  • Bridoons
  • Briefcases
  • Business card cases
  • Butts [parts of hides]


  • Card cases [notecases]
  • Cases of leather or leatherboard
  • Casings of leather for springs or casings of leather for plate springs
  • Cat o’ nine tails
  • Cattle skins
  • Chain mesh purses
  • Chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes/ skins of chamois, other than for cleaning purposes
  • Chin straps of leather
  • Clothing for pets
  • Collars for animals
  • Compression cubes adapted to the luggage
  • Conference folders/ portfolios
  • Covers for animals 
  • Covers for horse saddles 
  • Credit card cases [wallets]
  • Curried skins


  • Dog waste bag dispensers adapted for use with leashes


  • Fastenings for saddles
  • Frames for bags [structural parts of bags]
  • Frames for coin purses [structural parts of coin purses]
  • Frames for umbrellas or parasols
  • Fur or fur-skins
  • Furniture coverings made of leather


  • Game bags [hunting accessories]
  • Garment bags for travel
  • Girths of leather
  • Goldbeaters’ skin
  • Grip for holding shopping bags


  • Halters and headstalls
  • Handbags
  • Harness straps or harness traces
  • Harness for animals
  • Harness fittings
  • Hatboxes of leather
  • Haversacks
  • Hiking/ trekking sticks
  • Horse collars
  • Horse blankets
  • Horseshoes


  • Imitation leather


  • Key cases
  • Kid
  • Knee pads for horses


  • Labels of leather
  • Leather leashes or leather leads
  • Leather cord
  • Leather straps or leather thongs
  • Leather, unworked or semi-worked
  • Leatherboard
  • Leathercloth 
  • Luggage/ baggage tags


  • Moleskin [imitation of leather]
  • Motorized suitcases
  • Mountaineering sticks or alpenstocks
  • Music cases
  • Muzzles
  • Mycelium-based imitation leather


  • Net bags for shopping
  • Nose bags [feed bags]


  • Pads for horse saddles
  • Parasols
  • Parts of rubber for stirrups
  • Pocket wallets
  • Pouch baby carriers
  • Purses


  • Randsels [Japanese school satchels]
  • Reins
  • Reins for guiding children
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Riding saddles
  • Rucksacks or backpacks


  • Saddle trees
  • Saddlebags
  • Saddlecloths for horses
  • Saddlery
  • School bags or school satchels
  • Sew-on tags of leather for clothing
  • Shoulder belts [straps] of leather/ leather shoulder belts/ leather shoulder straps
  • Sling bags for carrying infants
  • Slings for carrying infants
  • Stirrup leathers
  • Stirrups
  • Straps for soldiers’ equipment
  • Straps of leather [saddlery]
  • Straps for skates
  • Suitcase handles
  • Suitcase packing organizers/ luggage organizers
  • Suitcases
  • Suitcases with wheels


  • Teffilin [phylacteries]
  • Toilet bags, not fitted
  • Tool bags, empty
  • Traces [harness]
  • Travelling bags
  • Traveling sets [leatherware]
  • Trimmings of leather for furniture or leather trimmings for furniture
  • Trunks [luggage]


  • Umbrella rings
  • Umbrella or parasol ribs
  • Umbrella sticks
  • Umbrella covers
  • Umbrella handles
  • Umbrellas


  • Valises
  • Valves of leather
  • Vanity cases, not fitted
  • Vegan leather


  • Walking stick seats
  • Walking sticks/ canes
  • Walking stick handles or walking cane handles
  • Wheeled shopping bags
  • Whips


Trademark Class 18 is a specific category within the Nice Classification system dedicated to goods related to leather and leather products, as well as certain non-leather items like umbrellas and walking sticks. It plays a crucial role in the world of trademark registration, offering protection to businesses operating in the fashion, travel, and accessory industries. By registering their trademarks in Class 18, these businesses can safeguard their brand identity for a wide array of leather and non-leather products, ensuring exclusivity and legal rights within this category. Proper classification and registration within Class 18 are essential steps for businesses seeking to protect their intellectual property in the leather and related goods market.

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(FAQs) about Trademark Class 18

What is Trademark Class 18?

● Trademark Class 18 is one of the 45 classes established by the Nice Classification system for trademark registration, focusing on goods related to leather and leather products, as well as certain non-leather items.

What types of goods fall under Class 18?

● Class 18 includes goods such as leather bags, wallets, luggage, backpacks, umbrellas, parasols, walking sticks, and whips.

Why is Class 18 important for businesses?

● Class 18 is crucial for businesses in the fashion, travel, and accessory industries as it allows them to protect their brand identity for a wide range of leather and related products.

Can a trademark be registered in multiple classes, including Class 18?

● Yes, a trademark can be registered in multiple classes if the business deals with goods or services from different categories, offering broader protection.

How do I determine if my product falls under Class 18?

● To accurately classify your product, consult with a trademark attorney or use the Nice Classification system.

Is clothing, such as leather jackets, included in Class 18?

● No, clothing items, including leather apparel, are typically categorized under Trademark Class 25.

Are all types of bags included in Class 18?

● Class 18 includes various types of bags, including handbags, backpacks, travel bags, and briefcases, typically made of leather or related materials.

Can I trademark a brand name and logo separately in Class 18?

● Yes, you can trademark a brand name, logo, or both within Class 18, depending on your specific needs.

Is there a specific duration for trademark protection in Class 18?

● Trademark protection typically lasts for 10 years initially and can be renewed indefinitely as long as you continue to use and renew it.

Can I change the class of my trademark registration later if needed?

● Changing the class of a trademark registration can be complex, so it is advisable to consult with a trademark attorney.

Are there any restrictions on the use of trademarks in Class 18?

● Trademarks in Class 18 must be used for the specified goods in that class to maintain their validity.

What is the process for resolving trademark disputes in Class 18?

● Trademark disputes in Class 18 are typically resolved through legal actions, negotiations, or trademark cancellation proceedings, depending on the circumstances.

Are there specific regulations or certifications associated with Class 18 goods?

● Depending on the jurisdiction and the specific goods, there may be regulatory requirements or certifications related to safety and quality standards.

Can I trademark a name for my leather product brand under Class 18?

● Yes, you can trademark the name of your brand associated with leather products within Class 18.

Is it advisable to consult with a trademark attorney when registering a trademark in Class 18?

● Yes, consulting with a trademark attorney is highly recommended to ensure proper classification, registration, and protection of your trademark in Class 18. They can provide valuable guidance throughout the process.

What are some examples of non-leather goods in Class 18?

● Non-leather goods in Class 18 include umbrellas, parasols, walking sticks, whips, and similar items.

Can I register a trademark for goods made from both leather and non-leather materials under Class 18?

● Yes, you can register a trademark for a range of goods associated with leather and related materials in Class 18.

Is there an international standard for Class 18 trademarks?

● Yes, the Nice Classification system provides an international standard for classifying trademarks, making it easier to protect your brand internationally.

Can I trademark a brand for both leather bags and umbrellas under Class 18?

● Yes, you can register a trademark that covers a variety of goods within Class 18, including both leather bags and non-leather items like umbrellas, as long as they fall within the class scope.

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