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All About Trademark Class 38

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All About Trademark Class 38

Trademark Class 38, as defined by the Nice Classification system, pertains to services related to telecommunications. This class encompasses services such as telecommunications, broadcasting, electronic communication, and information transmission. It includes radio and television broadcasting services, internet services, mobile communication, and the transmission of messages and information electronically. In essence, Class 38 covers a wide array of services involving the exchange of information and communication through electronic and digital means. Assigning a trademark to the appropriate class is crucial to ensuring that it is protected within the relevant industry or service.

Important services included in Trademark Class 38

Trademark Class 38 mainly includes services that allow at least one party to communicate with another, as well as services for the broadcasting and transmission of data. The telecommunication services included in this class are as given below:

  • Transmission of digital files and electronic mail
  • Providing user access to global computer networks
  • Radio and television broadcasting
  • Video-on-demand transmission 
  • Providing internet chatrooms and online forums
  • Telephone and voice mail services
  • Teleconferencing and videoconferencing services

Services does not included in Trademark Class 38

  • Radio advertising (included in class 35).
  • Telemarketing services (included in class 35)
  • Content or subject matter that may be contained in the communication activity, for instance,-
  • Downloadable image files (included in class 9)
  • Providing business information via a website (included in class 35)
  • Providing films and television programmes, not downloadable, through video-on-demand services (included in class 41)
  • Services conducted using telecommunication connections, for example,-
  • Online retail services for downloadable digital music (included in class 35)
  • Online banking (included in class 36)
  • Production of radio and television programmes (included in class 41)
  • Telecommunications technology consultancy (included in class 42)
  • Online social networking services (included in class 45)

List of examples of Trademark Class 38

Trademark Class 38 pertains to telecommunications, broadcasting, and information-sharing services. Here are some examples of the types of services that fall under Class 38:

Telecommunication Services:

  • Telephone Services: This includes landline and mobile phone services for voice communication.
  • Internet Telephony: VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services and related communication technologies.
  • Teleconferencing Services: Audio and video conferencing services for businesses and individuals.
  • Fax Services: Sending and receiving faxes electronically.

Data Transmission Services:

  • Data Transmission and Reception: Transmission of data and information electronically.
  • Electronic Mail Services (Email): Sending and receiving emails.
  • File Transfer Services: Services for transferring files and data over networks.

Broadcasting Services:

  • Radio Broadcasting: Broadcasting audio content via radio waves.
  • Television Broadcasting: Broadcasting video content via television signals.
  • Internet Broadcasting: Streaming audio and video content over the internet.
  • Podcasting: Digital audio or video content distributed via the internet.

Information Sharing Services:

  • News agencies: The services that provide news and information to the public.
  • Electronic Bulletin Board Services (BBS): Online forums for sharing information
  • Online Chat Services: Platforms for real-time text-based communication.
  • Social networking: The services are platforms for connecting and sharing information with others.

Wireless Communication Services:

  • Wireless Telecommunication: Services related to wireless communication networks.
  • Mobile Phone Services: Including voice, text messaging, and data services.
  • Satellite Communication Services: Communication via satellite technology.

Cable and Satellite Television Services:

  • Cable Television Services: Providing television channels via cable networks.
  • Satellite Television Services: Broadcasting television via satellite signals.

Internet Access Services:

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Offering access to the internet.
  • Broadband Services: High-speed internet access services.

Streaming Services:

  • Video Streaming Services: Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.
  • Music streaming: The services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.

Online Gaming Services:

  • Multiplayer Online Games: Gaming services are provided over the internet.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services: Providing secure and private internet connections.

Data Center Services: Hosting and managing data centres for information storage and processing.

Network Security Services: Services related to securing telecommunications and data transmission.

These are just some examples of the services covered by Trademark Class 38. When registering a trademark in this class, it is essential to specify the exact services you intend to provide to ensure accurate protection. Additionally, consulting with a trademark attorney or specialist is advisable to navigate the registration process effectively.

List of services classified under Trademark Class 38

The detailed list of telecommunication services that have been included in this class is given below:


  • Cable television broadcasting
  • Communications by telegrams
  • Communications by telephone
  • Communications by cellular phones
  • Communications by computer terminals
  • Communications by fibre optic networks/ communications by fibre optic networks
  • Computer-aided transmission of messages and images


  • Electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]


  • Facsimile transmission


  • Geolocation services [telecommunications services]


  • Message sending


  • News agency services


  • Paging services [radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication]
  • Providing access to blockchain networks
  • Providing access to databases
  • Providing chatrooms in virtual environments
  • Providing information in the field of telecommunications
  • Providing internet chatrooms 
  • Providing online forums
  • Providing online virtual reality-based forums for work collaboration 
  • Providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services
  • Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network
  • Providing user access to global computer networks


  • Radio broadcasting
  • Radio communications
  • Rental of access time to global computer networks
  • Rental of facsimile apparatus
  • Rental of message-sending apparatus
  • Rental of modems
  • Rental of smartphones
  • Rental of telecommunication equipment
  • Rental of telephones


  • Satellite transmission
  • Streaming of data


  • Telecommunications routing and junction services
  • Teleconferencing services
  • Telegraph services
  • Telephone services
  • Television broadcasting
  • Telex services
  • Transmission of electronic mail
  • Transmission of podcasts
  • Transmission of telegrams
  • Transmission of greeting cards online
  • Transmission of digital files


  • Video-on-demand transmission
  • Videoconferencing services
  • Voicemail services


  • Wireless broadcasting


Trademark Class 38 encompasses a wide range of telecommunications, broadcasting, and information-sharing services. Whether you are providing telecommunications infrastructure, broadcasting content, or facilitating data transmission, registering your trademark in Class 38 can offer numerous benefits, including legal protection, brand recognition, and the ability to enforce your rights.

Securing a trademark in this class gives you exclusive rights to use your mark for the specified services, which helps build trust among consumers and partners. It also serves as a valuable asset for your business, can deter others from using similar marks, and provides a foundation for brand expansion.

However, trademark registration can be complex, and the specific requirements and benefits may vary by jurisdiction. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a trademark attorney or specialist who can guide you through the registration process and ensure that your trademark is adequately protected in Class 38 and beyond. This proactive approach can safeguard your brand and its reputation in the competitive telecommunications and broadcasting industry.

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FAQs about Trademark Class 38

What is Trademark Class 38?

● Trademark Class 38 is one of the classes used in the classification of goods and services for trademark registration. It encompasses services related to telecommunications, broadcasting, and information sharing.

What are some examples of services in Class 38?

● Examples include telephone services, internet telephony, radio and television broadcasting, data transmission services, and online communication services.

Why should I register my trademark in Class 38?

● Registering your trademark in Class 38 provides legal protection and exclusive rights for your brand in the field of telecommunications and broadcasting services.

Can I register a trademark in multiple classes, including Class 38?

● Yes, you can register a trademark in multiple classes if your business offers goods or services that fall into different categories. It is known as a multi-class trademark application.

What is the Nice Classification system, and how does it relate to Class 38?

● The Nice Classification is an international system categorising goods and services for trademark registration. Class 38 is part of this system and covers specific communication-related services.

Can I use a registered Class 38 trademark for related services within the same class?

● A registered trademark this class generally protects the specific services you have registered. Expanding to related services may require additional trademark registrations.

What is the duration of trademark protection in Class 38?

● Trademark protection typically lasts for ten years, with the possibility of renewal indefinitely as long as the mark remains in use and is renewed.

What is the difference between Class 38 and Class 41?

● Class 38 covers telecommunications and broadcasting services, while Class 41 primarily relates to education, entertainment, and cultural services.

Is it possible to trademark a slogan related to telecommunications in Class 38?

● Yes, slogans can be trademarked in Class 38 if they are used to identify and distinguish your telecommunications or broadcasting services.

Can I trademark a logo for my telecommunications company in Class 38?

● Yes, logos can be registered as trademarks in this Class to protect your branding and visual identity.

What is the process for registering a trademark in Class 38?

● The process involves filing a trademark application with the relevant trademark office, which will review your application and grant registration if it meets the requirements.

What is the cost associated with trademark registration in Class 38?

● Costs vary by jurisdiction and depend on factors such as the number of classes, the scope of protection, and legal fees. It is advisable to check with your local trademark office.

Can I transfer or license my Class 38 trademark to others?

● Yes, you can transfer ownership or grant licenses to others, allowing them to use your registered trademark by your terms.

What happens if someone else uses a similar mark in Class 38 without my permission?

● If someone infringes on your trademark, you have the legal right to take action, such as sending cease and desist letters or pursuing legal remedies to protect your brand.

Is it necessary to use my registered trademark continuously to maintain protection in Class 38?

● Yes, trademark protection generally requires continuous use in commerce to remain valid. Failure to use the mark can lead to its cancellation.

Can I trademark a domain name in Class 38?

● While you can trademark domain names, it is important to note that registration in Class 38 typically covers services related to the domain rather than the domain name itself.

What is the Madrid Protocol, and can I use it to protect my trademark in Class 38 internationally?

● The Madrid Protocol is an international trademark registration system. It allows you to seek protection in multiple countries by filing a single application, including in Class 38.

Can I file a trademark application for Class 38 services online?

● Many trademark offices offer online filing systems, making it convenient to apply for trademark registration in this Class and other classes.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when applying for a Class 38 trademark?

● Common mistakes include insufficiently specifying the services, not conducting a comprehensive trademark search, and neglecting to monitor and enforce your trademark rights.

Do I need legal assistance to register a trademark in Class 38?

● While filing a trademark application independently is possible, consulting with a trademark attorney or specialist can help ensure a smoother and more successful registration process, particularly for complex cases.

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