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Company Registration in Delhi : Benefits, Procedure and Documents Required

For Company Registration in Delhi, you have to follow the guidelines written in the Companies Act, 2013. which has undergone various changes in 2020 as well as Spice+ form, CFFS-2020, etc. These changes are made for simplifying the process of online company registration in India.

New Delhi is the top place in India, which has a large population and more than thousand of companies have been incorporated. Being the capital of India, it experiences most of the facilities in case of company registration. The city has all culture of people mixed in it. The process doesn’t take long months to get completed, especially online. and document submission is always done online. So, no bars at all everything is in your mail and dashboards. Take the assistance of CA Online Services.

Here in this article, we shall discuss the Company registration in Delhi for a private limited company, Limited liability partnership, and one -person company in Delhi along with relevant information.

Benefits of Company Registration in Delhi

In, Delhi to operate a company in the long run- you must understand how registration can help you widely in your future aspects:

  • Legal Compliance and protection for companies

The Online Company registration is done under the guidance of Companies Act, 2013 & Companies Incorporation Rules. According to the company types you choose you will enjoy the legal benefits. For example, In a Private company, you will be responsible for managing assets and its creditors.

  • Less paperwork 

Online Company Registration procedure requires fewer paper works. You just require to provide some basic documentation and DSC ad DIN number along with a few major documents like address and ID proof od the directors, partners, or the nominee. Along with this the recent Electricity Bill or NOC or Rental agreement of Registered Office. Providing your email IDs and number is mandetory.

  • Creation of goodwill

Online Company Registration can give you the major trust of the customer in the market place. They will take your goods and service. Plus, help other people to differentiate your services from others. Also, you will get a good customer base in the market. This will help in creating goodwill for your company along with the production of various personal assets.

  • Lower Tax Liability

When you apply for company registration it comes with benefits of offering you some discount on the tax liabilities. For example in the case of a private company you just require to pay 25% taxes for your profit.




Steps Involved registering a company in Delhi

These 5 easy steps of a company registration online:

Step 1- Selecting your Company Structure 

The first and foremost step is to decide which company you want to register in Delhi. Deciding the structure will help you in understanding which type of document you have to submit and what are the other requirements for it. In Delhi, there are most popular company structures that are a private limited company, limited liability partnership, and one-person company. Let’s have an overview of the three structure :

  • Private Limited Company

Its the company which requires only 2 members to incorporate and maximum can be 200. Receiving funds and investment is much easier in this company structure and has a 25 % tax benefit. The most important part is the transfer of share is much easier.

  • One Person Company

In a one-person company, there is an independent existence because there is only one owner of the company and 1 nominee is involved. The liability is limited to its owner. This was a newly introduced company that has the easy conversion of sole protectorship to a one-person company.

Legal Standing and Social Recognition for your Company.

  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

 LLP has been the easiest company to incorporate after private limited because in this form of company structure the 2 members are required incorporate but maximum can be many no limitations. Also, no partner is responsible for other misconducts. His/ her personal assets are safe. LLP agreement is prepared before incorporating a company for the smooth working in the future.

So, after understanding the three company structures you can quickly apply for company registration in Delhi. After this, you have to get DSC and DIN for online documents submission

Step 2: Getting a DSC & DIN 

The certification of DSC ( Digital Signature Certificate ) and DIN ( Director Identification Number) for 3 of the company structure so that you can easily work on the online submission of the document. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has led DSC Certifying Authorities (CAs) from whom you can get a DSC. Check out our website LegalPillers we have all CA services available. To get DIN you must have these three forms filled up that are SPICe Forms, DIR-3 Form.

Step 3: File for Name Approval  

After applying for DIN and DSC. You have to submit a few forms and documents. Plus, give 3-2 names for getting Company name approval. In a private limited company, it’s mandatory to add suffix after the company name “PVT LTD”.

 To file for name approval for OPCs, LLPs, and Private company they use the RUN(Reserve Unique Name) e-form the SPICE + form has all the valid documents submission in one window only. LegalPillers will do make this step simplified for you by all the work.

Step 4: File e-AoA and e- MoA and additional documents

After name approval, you have to focus on thee-AOA & e-mom as per the new spice plus form 2020. Along with this, the MCA has asked to submit the e-forms INC-33 as well to help incorporate the company. Compile other documents required like ID and Address proof and submit them.

Make sure you submit all the mention documents otherwise take the consultation from our CA experts at LegalPillers.

Step 5: Certification of Company incorporation in Delhi

When all the documents are submitted to the ROC. Wait for the company registration approval that will take 10-12 working days. Along with incorporation certificate, you will get PAN, TAN & other certificates which are mentioned at the time of application filing. Even, provide opening zero account balance.

Documents Required for Company Registration in Delhi

For different company registration in Delhi you have to give these important documents :

Private Limited Company :

  • Memorandum of Association (e-MoA)
  • Articles of Association (e-AoA)
  • Proof of Office Address
  • Utilities Bills’ Copy  not more than 2 months old (Electricity, Gas, Water Bills, etc.)
  • Copy of permitted  proposed name is including word that requires authorization by the Central government
  • Proof of identity and residential address of directors.

Limited Liability Partnership

  • Passport size photograph of the new partner
  • ID proof of the partners
  • Registered office address proof
  • Copy of Utility bills like Telephone, glass, electricity bills ( 2 months old)
  • Copy of PAN card of partners
  • Aadhar Card/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License as proof of address of partners
  • Copy of the LLP agreement

One-person Company

  •  Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  •  Articles of Association (AOA)
  • A nominee has to be appointed. (The nominee will take charge in case the director dies, or become incapacitated or is unable to perform his duties)
  • A professional declaration telling that all compliances are created.
  • Identity Proof of the Director and Nominee Director
  • Address  proof of the Director and Nominee
  • Proof of the Registered Office in Delhi
  • Signed Documents of Company Incorporation: DSC

The Bottom Line

If you want to register a company in Delhi is important to know that registration is mandatory for all. All of the above documentation and procedure are must be followed. apply for DSC and DIN immediately before commencing a company. Choose the right company structures according to your needs. All the headquarters for company registration are located in Delhi.

You want to start your own company with all the legal procedures and compliance. Here you have enjoyed some most unique benefits of online company registration. LegalPillers is an online portal for all legal services. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to call our CA Service section at 9625279785 – 9267941961 or you may write to LegalPillers at [email protected].

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