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What is Spice+(Spice Plus) form introduced by MCA ?

Introduction: What is Spice + form MCA introduced?

The spice plus form MCA ( Ministry of Corporate Affairs) introduced has been instantiated to begin a new web combined SPICe+ forms. The SPICe+ means  “Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically Plus”. The MCA has chosen to introduce the form as a part of the Ease of Doing Business and incorporate companies. The new SPICe+ has been active from 15th February. This will be suitable for the establishment of new companies. The new form will substitute the already existing SPICe forms.

The SPICe+ forms will offer about 10 services. The central government Ministries and Departments will lead to the services of the SPICe+ forms. The MCA, Ministry of Labour, Department of Revenue in the Ministry of Finance, and the State Government of Maharashtra will offer the services. The introduction of this form will decrease the time procedure and cost of startup businesses or companies.

The services of the spice plus form MCA is in 2 parts. Part A is of the name reservation, and part B is of the other of the services. The candidate can apply for the name reservation first. After that for the other services or he or she can apply for part A and part B services together. After the name reservation, the application for incorporation of a company is a constant process.

Now the company can file and apply for EPFO/ESI, GST numbers for online company registration with this single window form. It is necessary for all the companies as per the declarations of the ministry of corporate affairs for the issuance of PAN, TAN, EPFO, ESIC, Profession Tax in Maharashtra, and Opening of Bank Account.

Changes from SPICe INC 32 to SPICe plus

The SPICe INC 32 was earlier used form which was offering these follow-ups:

  • Name reservation
  • Incorporation of a new company
  • Application for allotment of DIN

But the changes that were added by Spice plus for are :

SPICe plus :

    • Name reservation
    • Incorporation of a new company
    • DIN allotment
    • Mandatory issue of PAN
    • TAN
    • EPFO
    • ESIC
    • GST Registration
    • Profession Tax (Maharashtra)
    • Opening of Bank Account

    This is available in one window for you and added facilities along with it. LegalPillers are doing having the follow-up all the norms of the Spice plus form MCA as introduced.

    What are the features of SPICe+ form?

    (i) Name reservation of the Company

    (ii) Allotment of DIN for all directors in the company

    (iii) Issue of PAN 

    (iv) Issue of TAN 

    (v) EPFO registration 

    (vi) Issue of ESIC registration & EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation)

    (vii) Issue of compulsory Profession Tax registration (Maharashtra) 

    (viii) Opening of bank account for the company and 

    (ix) GSTIN Allotment (If applied)

    Key highlights of SPICe+ form

    • Spice+ form enables users to choose and submit Part-A for reserving a name first. Later they can give Part B for incorporation and other services. Users can also file Part A and B together for establishing a new company and getting other services.
    • A brand new user-friendly dashboard on the Front Office is in the works for company incorporation application (SPICe+ and combined forms as applicable) 
    • Incorporation forms (Part B) after name reservation (Part A) can be submitted in addition to Part A of SPICe+. Stakeholders will not be required to enter the SRN of the approved name. Because the approved name will be displayed on the dashboard and a click on the same will take the user for the continuation of the application via a hyperlink
    • Application resubmission request for company name reservation and incorporation shall also be handled through the application number/name applied for the link on the new dashboard. Also, a hyperlink will be available for the SRN/application number to enable easy resubmission
    • Starting from 15th February 2020, RUN service would be applicable only for ‘change of name’ of an existing company
    • The new web form would also facilitate on-screen filing and real-time data-validation for flawless incorporation of companies
    • The approved name and detailed information of incorporation (submitted in Part A) will be automatically Pre-filled in all connected forms (AGILE-PRO, eMoA, eAoA, URC1, and INC-9) 
    • SPICe+ will be structured into different sections to assure ease while filing
    • Entered information can be saved and modified
    • All check form and pre-scrutiny validations excluding the DSC validation will happen on the webform
    • After the SPICe+ is filled with all features, it is necessary to convert the same into a pdf format, for attaching DSCs
    • All digitally signed applications can be uploaded with the linked forms as per the existing norms
    • Even after forming pdf and affixing DSCs, changes to SPICe+ can also be done by editing the stored webform application 
    • DSC and other validations will happen at upload level
    • Declaration by all subscribers and first directors in INC-9 shall be auto-generated in pdf format (Except for some instances where the total number of subscribers or directors is greater than 20, and if any such subscribers or directors have neither DIN nor PAN)

     AGILE-PRO form

    AGILE means for “Application for Goods and services identification number”, employees’ state Insurance corporation registration plus Employees’ provident fund organization registration. The previous AGILE form (INC – 35) is now reinstated with the AGILE – PRO web form.

    RUN Web Service

    RUN stands for Reserve Unique Name. This web service is applied to preserve the name of a new company or for the change in the name of an existing company. The kind of company/business and the proposed names for the company are to be listed in case of reserving the name for a new company. For an existing company, the CIN/LLPIN is the extra information to be enrolled in for the change of name.

    So now, since the start of the SPICE+ and AGILE – PRO forms, the RUN web service is available only for the change of name of existing companies.

    How to fill spice plus form MCA?

    The services provided are in 2 parts namely,

    • Part A – Name reservation for new companies -RUN facility
    • Part B – To offer a variety of services:

    The applicant can appeal for Name Reservation originally with Part A after that can proceed with Part B services.

    • The details of the incorporation and for Name Approved will be redirected automatically on registering up the forms AGILE-PRO, e AoA, e MoA, INC-9.
    • The form will be more comfortable and web-based.
    • Opening of Bank Account facility will be accessible through the AGILE-PRO link in the web form.
    •  It also provides the convenience of registering for the EPFO and ESIC.
    • In-State of Maharashtra professional tax Registration is compulsory.
    • The RUN facility will be open only for changes in the Name of Existing Company. 

    Attachments Required in spice plus form MCA

    The following are the attachments mandatory for submitting the SPICe+ forms:

    • The Articles of Association (AOA)
    • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
    • A declaration by the first subscribers and by the directors (It does not require an affidavit)
    • A proof for the address of the office (It can be conveyance, lease deed or rent agreement)
    • Utility Bills copy (The bill should be within 2 months)
    • A copy of the certificate of incorporation of the foreign body corporate
    • The resolution passed by the foreign company
    • A resolution passed by the promoter company
    • The interest of the first directors in other entities
    • Nominee’s consent
    • ID proof and residential address of the subscribers and the nominees
    • Identity proof and residential address of Applicant I, II and III
    • The resolution of the unregistered companies
    • Declaration in Form INC-14 and Form INC-15


    The declaration in form INC-9 of the subscribers and the directors need to be auto-generated in PDF format and submitted electronically. The candidate has to give the declaration along with a certification by a professional like a Chartered Accountant (CA). For online CA service contact LegalPillers. Such provision is exempted only for 2 states. The leading case is when the total number of directors or subscribers is more than 20. The other case is when any of the directors or the subscribers do not hold either DIN or PAN.


    Registration for EPFO and ESIC is compulsory for all newly incorporated companies from 15th February 2020. Also, no EPFO and ESIC registration numbers will be considered and separately issued. For profession tax, registration is also compulsory for all new companies incorporated in the State of Maharashtra from 15th February 2020. 

    From 15th February 2020, all new companies incorporated by SPICe+ are have been asked to apply for opening their company’s bank account by the AGILE-PRO linked webform. As per the declarations made by the MCA, all companies must file statutory returns whenever they pass the acceptable entrance limits under the SPICe+ form’s most advanced incorporation standards.

    If you are confused with filling spice plus form MCA or want to apply for  Online Company Registration our specialists can help to choose one. We at LegalPillers are offering online CA Services at affordable pricing. You can visit the website. Even for a free consultation call our professionals at 9625279785 – 9267941961. Also, you can mail us at [email protected].

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