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Steps Involved in Company Registration Process

Before initiating for Company Registration you must have knowledge, how it registered? It is also important for you to have information about Company incorporation process, laws and provisions applicable on it, etc. To have knowledge about your business structure helps you in managing your business, because in case if any kind of dilemma arises you will not be panic in such a situations.

Company Registration Process– How to Register a Company in India

In this blog we are going to discuss about the company registration process. How a company registered with ministry of Corporate Affairs. A step by Step guide to registration.

  1. Selection of name for New Company Registration– First step is to identify the name which will represent your organisation in market. Name of company is something which must be unique, descriptive and can stand in market for rest of business life. Companies Act, 2013 has provided some provisions related to selection of name of a company.
    According to the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 name of company shall not be similar or nearly resemble, same pronunciation, representing and governmental body or authority’s name. Once you select with names check it with Ministry on their portal at and One must also check with trademark also at ,
  2. Reserving the name with MCA– When you have done with name finalisation of your online company registration, thereafter you should file allocation for name reservation of your company. For the purpose of name reservation of Company Registration in India MCA has provided name reservation service which is called RUN (Reserve Unique Name). This is web based service for reserving the name of company.
    MCA is charging a amount of Rs. 1000/- for name reservation. Here you can apply with two names of your company. After due verification MCA will approve your name.

Key Note-

    • When you will submit the name of company system will show that name is available in maximum case. But in actual is not same, the ultimate right to approve the name of online company registration in the hand of CRC officials.
    • There are only two chances provided by MCA, for example- first you submit 2 names and government did not approve any name now you have only once chance left to submit the name.
    • In case if government denied in both chances the amount paid to government will laps.
    • In case if government approved you company registration name, then it will available for a period of 15 days.
    • Thereafter you can apply for Company Incorporation application.


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  1. Preparation of Digital Signature- Digital Signature Certificates are electronic signature issued by certifying authorities under Information Technologies Act, 2002. These are the authorities which are authorise by the government for issuance of DSC. Some of major authorities are as e-mudra, Capricorn, Vsign, etc. the reason behind preparation of DSC is to maintain all documentation on electronic basis.
    MCA has changed its offline portal to 100% online portal. So members or directors signature should be safe and secure. Here the authority issue specific unique numbers to DSC holders. Which can only be used by them and no one can do forged signature. These signatures also used after registration for filing purpose of company and otherwise.
  2. Finalisation of MOA and AOA- After checking the availability of name for online company registration. You must prepare MOA and AOA of company, which is called as by laws of company. In Memorandum of Association the main activities of companies are mentioned there.
    You should keep in mind before drafting of MOA that there is nothing mentioned in MOA which is not consider as illegal as per Companies Act, 2013 and not allowed. AOA consist of provisions like how company will works. It contains all terms and conditions for governance of new company registration as per act.
  3. Preparation of annexure to application- Once the above-mentioned requirements of firm registration have done. Thereafter we must start with documentation for Company incorporation application. For the purpose it is advisable t appoint a professional such as Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary. These professionals are well versed and have exclusive authority to Company Registration in India. In case of Private Limited Company Registration following documents need to prepare by professional-
    • Preparation of DIR-2
    • Preparation of Interest in other entity
    • Preparation of DIR-8
    • Preparation of INC-9
    • No Objection Certificate, etc.
  4. Preparation of Spice+ e-Form – Ministry of Corporate Affairs has prescribed updated version of its Spice forms, which is meant for registration purpose. In this for you can apply for Online Company registration along with some additional certificates and registrations such as-
    • PAN and TAN Registration of Company
    • DIN of Directors
    • Name Approval of company
    • Company Registration Certificate
    • PF Registration
    • ESIC Registration
    • Bank Account Opening
    • MOA and AOA approval
    • GST Registration

These are some certificates which also can be opt by a person during the time of making application for New Company Registration. No need to make separate applications for these documentation and certificates.
Post Registration Steps- Once your company Registration in India work has done. You should complete company’s Current Account work. Like you have to submit directors KYC with bank for the further operation of Current Account.

One should always keep in mind that company registration is not the final level. Once you have done with Company Incorporation thereafter certain compliance requirements are also there which need to maintain every year or according to the direction of government. Otherwise your start-up registration will not work for business growth.
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How many steps are there in Company Registration in India?

In Company Registration, there are some basic steps which are mentioned above. For more details do connect our professionals and get free consultation.

Digital Signatures are mandatory for Online Company Registration?

Yes, Having Digital Signature of Directors is mandatory. Without DSC an application for Company incorporation can not apply.

Can a person have multiple DSC?

Yes, A person can have multiple DSC according to their use.

How much cost for company registration in India?

Government has prescribed different fees for every state. So it is not fixed in each state. However we are offering Online Company Registration in lowest cost in India. Do connect to grab the offer. Limited period remain.


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