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Everything to Know About FSSAI Registration Online and Food Safety Mitra Scheme

In India when you are operating any type of food business that has a turnover of up to 12 lakhs, must register to get FSSAI License. And there on go with the process of FSSAI license renewal online as well. Because once you are registered the renewal becomes important till the time your food business exists. Take assistance of ca service online, they will help you in filling the online FSSAI registration.

Introduction to FSSAI and Its Registration

FSSAI refers to India’s Food Security and Standards Authority which directs India’s Food Regulations. From the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, FSSAI derives its regulatory capacity. Any company planning to start its own business in the food processing industry must first register with the Indian Food Safety and Normal Authority.

For all business operators involved in the food business, FSSAI registration online is mandatory. If you are a joint food producer, retailer, or restaurant company, you are required to obtain a 14-digit FSSAI registration number. You must ensure that your FSSAI license number is included in your food packaging when importing food. You must request the renewal of the license within 30 days of the expiry of the current one following the FSSAI guidelines. If, however, an application for the renewal of the food license is not lodged immediately, a fine of Rs. 100 per day delay will be charged. For getting FSSAI license take assistance of ca near me services. Its easy service to take as you will find a ca near you.

Who is required to register for FSSAI?

All the food business operators (FBOs) require to be filed with FSSAI regulatory body, the FSSAI registration is a necessary license for all. This section includes the following FBOs-

  • Annual sales of FBOs are less than 12 lakhs per year.
  • FSSAI registration is also compulsory for temporary table vendors selling food.
  • Anyone who grows or distributes food alone.
  • Those who distribute food, other than suppliers, at a social or religious meeting.
  • Registration for FSSAI is mandatory for small retailers dealing with food items.
  • Cottage industries acting as FBOs.

Types of FSSAI Registration

The FSSAI registration online is classified into three categories:

  • Basic FSSAI Registration

For Basic online FSSAI registration it’s very important to know that the business annual turnover must be up to Rs. 12 lakhs. All types of Petty and Small business operators in India can apply for the basic FSSAI registration. If you are a small-sized food product manufacturer, marketer, storage unit owner, retailer, or distributor, start applying today only.

  •  State FSSAI Registration

The food business in India must of annual turnover more than Rs.12 Lakh and less than Rs.20 crores. The all-grain, cereal, and pulses milling units, no matter their turnover, must have the State FSSAI License.

  •   Central FSSAI License

For Central FSSAI registration online your food business must have been an annual turnover of 20 crores and more. The exporters and importers are also included in the central FSSAI license obtaining.

FSSAI License

Steps for getting the FSSAI registration online

  • The first simple step is to fill Form A and Form if need. Select the type of business license you want to opt for. check your annual turnover.
  • Get a single reference number for the application.
  • The Legal body may accept or reject registration following the above process. Therefore, within seven day of receipt of the application registered by the food business operator, the reasons must be registered in writing.
  • The food company operator can start the business if the proposal is granted.
  • The legal body of FSSAI or food inspector may issue an inspection notice if necessary.
  • The check is done and the FSSAI License is issued in seven days’ time.
  • The inspection is carried out within 30 days if the inspection process is granted.
  • The Registration can be continued and the FBO can start the operation if the application process id done successfully

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration and get FSSAI License

  • Form A and Form B (Form A for Basic FSSAI Registration & Form B for State and Central FSSAI Registration) – complete and signed.
  •  Passport Sized 2 Photographs.
  •  PAN Card of the FBO of the owner
  • Proof of Possession of the Premises
  • Partnership Deed if needed
  •  Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Association (AOA) in case of a company
  • The complete list of food items the unit will be processing
  • The complete FSMS (Food Safety Management System) plan. It is applicable for FSSAI State or Central Food License only.

FSSAI license Validity period

The Validity of FSSAI registration online from one to five years. Under FSSAI regulations, the FSSAI license renewal online must be made within 30 days by the food business and act before the expiration date. An application for renewal that expires at the end of each day will be charged a refund of Rs.100 per day. It should therefore be followed and ensure that your FSSAI certificate is valid at all times in all food companies.

How and When to apply for FSSAI license renewal online?

The FSSAI license is valid for one year and may be renewed by the food regulatory body for up to five years. As soon as the license expires, the operator of the food company is responsible for renewing the FSSAI permit. To avoid fines, the FSSAI Renewal Scheme is undergoing treatment and should be considered as soon as possible. FSSAI has issued guidelines specifying that food safety registration must be renewed within 30 days and before the expiry of the license. The FSSAI renewal can be made by taking advice consultation from ca service online.

Necessary documentation for online FSSAI license renewal:

  • Type Form A and B, if applicable.
  • Statement by the owner or manager complying with the FSSAI revised Rules and Regulations
  • Owner’s or Director’s Photo ID evidence

Recent update on FSSAI License and Regulation in India

The FSSAI updated provisions linked to some food colors of draft Food Safety and Standards (Food items and standards plus Food Additives) Amendment Regulations 2020. The food authority has approved the use of the Allura food colour in hard liquor (category Distilled Spiritous Beverages).

The statement came after the professional panel of the authority, according to the order posted on its website, suggested the use of the additive following a representation from stakeholders.

The intake is, therefore, limited to up to 100 mg/kg of national liquor. The authority has also prohibited the combined use of food colors.

  • Notification of Food Safety and Standards in the Gazette (Prohibition and Distribution Restrictions) Second Amendment Regulations 2021 concerning the limitations of trans fats in food products.
  • Gazette Notice under section 43(1) of the FSS Act by NABL Approved Laboratories.
  • Daily news Notice of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (Scientific Committee and Scientific Panel Transaction and Procedures) First Amendment Rules, 2021 concerning the review of the quorum at the meeting of the Scientific Committee or Scientific Panel or Working Group and the preparation of the agenda in consultation with the Chairperson of the Scientific Panel or Scientific Panel concerned.
  • Notification of the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Sales Restrictions) First Amendment Regulations 2021 w.r.t. incidental incidence of gram/pulse Khesari Dal.

What do you mean by Food Safety Mitra scheme or FMS Registration?

The Mitra Food Security (FSM) Scheme was recently launched by the Union Department of Health and Family Affairs to host World Food Day. FSSAI is establishing a food safety mitra ecosystem that do helpfood business in licensing and registration, training and hygiene auditing at various institutions such as schools, colleges and corporate campuses.

The goals of the Mitra Scheme of Food Protection are as follows:

  • To build job opportunities for young people with a background in food and nutrition.
  • Promoting the ease of doing business through the development of an organized and transparent food business support ecosystem.
  • Involving motivated people at ground level with the food safety ecosystem.

“FSM adds a different angle to food security management by improving government capacity and providing services in the field of registration, licensing, training and hygiene of food businesses especially small and medium enterprises. FSSAI programs, developed by FSM, involve people inspired by reason and program food safety.

What’s the Scheme’s role?

The task of the FSSAI will be fourfold, according to the FSSAI:

  • Digital Mitra: Helping citizens and organizations register online and apply for licenses while resolving questions and complaints.
  • Hygiene Mitra: auditing firms to ensure conformity with FSSAI regulations. Hygiene Mitra: They also help train managers to ensure food is treated safely and hygienically in all locations.
  • Trainer Mitra: Train managers and workers to assist with the qualification of the FSSAI “Eat Right.”

Campaign Ambassadors: Do create awareness over consumers by social networking ad campaigns and other marketing strategies.


The Food Safety Mitra initiative will lead to the enforcement of trouble-free laws in food companies, create new economic opportunities for the people and enhance the capacity of FSSAI and State Food Authorities to unlock growth potential in the food sector by involving people who are motivated and trained in the food environment.

The Mitra food security initiative will serve as a market place for various stakeholders to reach out to each other and thus improve the ease of doing business. FSMS will also build a major financial mileage for food and food safety. Over the next five years, 50,000 FSMs will be accredited. For online CA services, you can take assistance and consultation from LegalPillers. They are the leading portal for CA near me services.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the cost of FSSAI registration online?

The fee Structure for basic FSSAI registration online is Rs.4,500, a state license is Rs.5,500, and Central License is Rs.7,500. For more details get connected with LegalPillers.

  • How long does it take to receive registration for FSSAI?

To get FSSAI License i will take about 7-10 days for a simple FSSAI License. The time period for a State and Central License could be 30 days.

  • Who can apply for the Food Safety Mitra Scheme 2020?

The Food Mitra Scheme is available for all the FSSAI Certified candidates.

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