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How to Register Company in Noida?

Company Registration in Noida can be done for a startup, a micro or medium business, or a non-profit organization

Get Pvt Ltd Registration in Noida

Now, the most popular way to begin your business entity in Noida is Company Registration because the Government has changed the process, and also, they are easing various tax and regulatory compliances over different forms of business structure.

The entire procedure of online company registration in Noida is controlled by the government body called MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). Pvt Ltd company is incorporated under the Companies Act of 2013. It is a listed entity with a separate legal identity from its owners.

It has key benefits like the ability to contract in its own name and safeguard individual assets of the owners from business liabilities and Tax benefits. Register your Pvt Ltd Company Registration in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Company Registration at a most economical price by Chartered Accountants. Take Professional Advice at no cost.

Company Registration

Start a Company in Noida: Types of Company Structures

When you start a business, it is important to register it legally. Choosing the right type of company is very significant. It helps you achieve the goals you want. Many considerations should be taken into account when choosing a structure such as registration costs, compliance costs, tax rates, etc.

Here are the differences between Pvt Ltd, LLP, OPC, and Proprietorship:

  • Private Limited Company

A few directors and shareholders are required to register a Pvt Ltd Company. Ideal for fast-growing companies and entrepreneurs who plan to raise money. Compliance costs are higher than LLP.

  • LLP

LLP registration is best suited for family-owned businesses. Making money is difficult for LLP. LLP cannot be converted to Private Limited.

  • OPC Company

Only 1 founder/owner is required to perform OPC. Investment cannot be obtained from OPC. Converting the OPC to Pvt Ltd has certain conditions.

  • Sole proprietorship

Proprietorship is best suited if you are still trying your idea. It is an easy and cheap way to start a business. You cannot have a partner in ownership management.

  • Public Limited Company

Ideal for large companies and companies planning to list stock exchanges. Compliance costs are very high and seven small shareholders/owners are required to register with the Public Limited Company.

Importance of Company Formation in Noida

Company Formation

If you are seeking to develop your business you may be thinking about whether it’s the right time to register a company. The setting of a company could be a comparatively easy and stress-free experience and can give the following benefits: –

  • By registering a company, you can restrict your personal liability. You are legally liable for all phases of your business including any debts or losses.

If you sell a poor product making an error or experience an injury during the course of your business you will be personally responsible. This could end in the lack of your personal assets. A company is a separate legal entity and is an effortless means to protect your personal assets from your business actions.

You can reduce your tax liability if you are at a higher tax rate. Registering your company may significantly decrease your tax load. Companies and small businesses are also called to a no. of tax deductions.

  • By registering your company, you will improve the company’s brand image, reputation, and plan of your business. Becoming a registered company is also essential for any future dealings with the parties. As many businesses will only engage or retain connections with registered companies.
  • Raise your company with substantial money. As a corporation, it would be much better to be able to draw investors and raise capital for your business. Registering your business provides you with the right to invest and incur debt. Sell shares and collect money, more importantly. You’d have to pay taxes from your personal tax revenue rate if you had some other company structure.

In order to grow and expand your business, raising capital may be necessary and it is better for investors to invest in a registered business rather than a sole trader or a partnership.

We make setting up a business with a 100 percent online registration process simple for you. To help you secure your new company and boost your brand name, we have a variety of additional services.

Steps of Company Registration in Noida

These 5 easy steps of Company Registration in Noida:

Step 1- Choosing your Company Structure

This is one of the most essential yet important steps for firm registration in noida. Choosing the company structure will define the path your business takes and how it runs operations for its entire lifetime.

Thus, it displays a crucial step to choose the right company structure according to your firm’s needs and wants. There are various kinds of Business Structures in Noida you can choose from. Hence, we’ll take a look at all the options of company structures.

  1. Private Limited Company
  2. One Person Company
  3. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  4. Public Limited Company
  5. Partnership Firm
  6. Nidhi Company/Mutual Benefits Company
  7. NBFC Company
  8. Section 8 company

Things to understand for deciding the business structure:

  • Number of Owners or Partners or Shareholders
  • Capital Investments in the business
  • Liability
  • ITR filings
  • Inviting Investors

Having an unregistered company formation can be a hindering barrier to success. Especially when you’re searching to bring an investor to build some capital for the business.

Step 2: Applying for DSC & DIN

There are several records for further processing of the new company registration in Noida. The digital equivalent of real certificates is the digital signature certificate or DSC. It is used mainly to verify a person’s identification or occasionally to access information and receive services on the internet or to digitally sign such documents.

The DIN Director Identification Number is primarily for e-commerce operators, whether individuals or organizations. It is a unique identification number issued to persons applying to be directors of a new or established organization by the Central Government.

Step 3: Name Approval forms filling

To Start a Company in Noida, it is important to choose a name with a suffix. If someone is picking up a name for their company. Let’s say for online registration of the Pvt Ltd company, they need to add the company name suffix “Pvt Ltd”. There are two e-forms to apply for Name Approval that can be used.

RUN Form (Reserve Unique Number)

SPICe+ (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Digitally)

Until filing for name approval, however, one must verify that the proposed name of the company does not clash with the name of an existing company.

Step 4: Submission of AoA and MoA with other documents

The MoA is for the Memorandum of Association and the AoA is for Articles of Association. These two, collectively, form the essence of the company. The scope of the legal powers exercised by the firm is basically determined by these two.

Also, information about the operations of the company along with the company’s relationship with the shareholders. For Company Incorporation, the MCA provided the e-forms INC-33 for e-MoA and INC-34 e-AoA to assist.

Step 5: Get Certificate of Incorporation with PAN, TAN & Bank account open

The last step in the business incorporation system is filing for certification of incorporation and the MCA has given frameworks for the incorporation of companies. SPICe+ Forms allot for the incorporation processing of Limited Companies (Public /Private/ LLP/OPC).

Wait for 7 days for the certification of Incorporation. Once you get the Incorporation Certificate, concerned departments will give you PAN, TAN, and other certificates as done at the time of application filing. Also, get the opening of a zero-bank account.

Required documents to register a company in Noida

Documents Required

Id and Residence proof:

  • Recorded copies of License / Driver’s Passport (International and NRIs) / Voter ID / PAN Card
  • Limited passport photo with template signature (blank document with sample signature required for company directors)
  • Digital or electronic copies with address / monthly bank statements or telephone bills with addresses.

For NRIs:

  • Proof of ID: Authorized delivery of an anonymous copy of passport
  • Proof of address: Bank statements, electricity bills, or telephone bills not less than two months old.

Registered office proof:

To register a company in India, a real office must be registered. For this, the submission of an electricity bill or other address bills is required. In addition, a lease agreement and a letter of permission from the owner of the property authorizing the use of the property as a registered office or title deed are also required.

  • Digital or electronic copies with address / monthly bank statements or telephone bills with addresses.
  • A certified copy of the certified employment contract.
  • A recorded copy of the NOC from the landlord.
  • A copy of the title deed (in case the property is yours).
  • Note: The registered office is not required to be a commercial property, and your home or residence may be located in the same location.

Factors to consider during the firm registration in Noida

Although you follow all the company registration measures, it is best to check whether INR15 lakhs or less is a company with approved money. In such a scenario, no government fees are payable. The organization will not, however, collect the capital to claim this profit for a period of 1 year after incorporation.

The company enters into existence in the light of law upon receipt of the Certificate of Incorporation (CoI), whereby it is allowed to do business on its own behalf and retain properties. The company is also expected to comply with the relevant compliance, as directed by the expert, after the company’s incorporation.

The Conclusion:

Through consulting with a CA/CS Professional or tax consultant for the registration of a Company in Noida can easily be processed. In addition, after the incorporation of the online company ltd, the promoters and directors are expected to retain the company’s active status by complying with the company’s provisions by filing the annual returns and forms as prescribed by the Indian Companies Act, 2013.

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