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How to Register a Logo? Trademark® Registration Online | Quick & Easy Online Process

If you want to Make your Brand Name in the marketplace and you want to grow better in the market then it’s important to understand the value of registering your logo or marks.

They help in recognizing your brand name easily and the trust factor comes with the popularity and registered company name and logo. If you want to make your own identity with protection on your brand name then you must apply for online trademark registration.

No requirement to go Trademark Register Office. Go for an easy & fast process of trademark registration that is online, sit back, and relax. Many businesses in India run without Trademark Registration and they face lots of problems.

You might have read the case of Starbucks a very popular case in trademark registration.

What is the concept of a trademark?

A trademark is a type of intellectual property that is distinguished by a single word, symbol, or combination of words and symbols. It aids others in recognizing and distinguishing a brand, a company, or a commodity. Under Indian rules and legislation, a registered trademark may be protected by the law. In simpler words, trademarks are rare, one-of-a-kind signs that are used to distinguish a company’s products or services.

Designs, images, signs, and even phrases can be used. It’s vital because it sets the goods apart from the competition. It can be linked to your company or product. Trademarks are intellectual property, which means they are shielded from infringement.

The Trademark Act of 1999 protects trademarks and their rights. It’s very important to Logo Registration because if some else copies your logo, you can claim right for its infringement if you are not registered.

What you can register a trademark?

Are you aware that you can also trademark a sound? Yes, but most people trademark the company’s brand name. But a trademark can be anything from the sound of Paytm Karo to the red color of Coca-Cola to the well-known ringtone of Airtel. As a result, one must safeguard all of one’s intellectual property at all costs.

  • Product- Dove is a shampoo (product) that can be trademarked.
  • Shape-Have you saw the shape of an Absolute vodka bottle it can be trademarked.
  • Service- Products by Nykaa, AJIO, Myntra are good examples of services that can be trademarked.
  • Sound- The famous ringtone of Idea, it is was also a trademark.
  • Color- The popular red color of coke is also a registered trademark.
  • Word-Gmail, Linkedin, Twitter are few examples of word trademarks.
  • Logo-The Puma logo is also an exemplar of trademark registration.
  • Phrases- We are Forever Faster! famous Puma phrase and a registered trademark.

Popular Registration in Trademark – Logo Registration

Logo registration has various benefits once your brand leads to a specific level. The little effort it takes will allow you to build up your entitlement to the logo (or even word, sound, graphics) in court, holds qualified names from being registered by different companies that have a similar business model, and are a profit for any investor.

Registered Mark

Trademark Registration in India

Would you like to become a brand name like Paypal or If you replied yes, you are about to take the first step toward making. Online trademark registration is more than a license; it is a necessity in the day-to-day operations of a company. If you can’t protect your name, you’ll soon be out of business.

Consider what would happen if Paytm’s name was to be lost today. It would be a miscalculation on the company’s side. This is because it is the brand name, not the business name, that counts. Simply look around you and you will note that you are surrounded by well-known brands such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and others.

As a result, whether you are planning to start a company or already have one, you can register your trademark to protect your name. CA Services Online makes securing a brand easy, and the entire process takes just one day.

If you want to protect your brand right now, send us an email with your requirements and our sales team will assist you. All payments will be made electronically via a secure payment portal, and all documents will be sent via email. The trademark filing will take one day, and you will be allowed to use the trademark in 3 days.

Furthermore, once your trademark has been registered, the next step is to monitor your application online. This is because the trademark registration process can take anywhere from 9 to 16 months, so it’s important to keep an eye on the status of the application.

Therefore, the application may be denied due to a lack of timely responses to the trademark department.

Benefits of online trademark registration in India

There are many reasons why having a trademark for your business is beneficial. Take a look at a couple of them in the list below.

  • The trademark identifies the product in the marketplace and aids in brand recognition.
  • A trademark not only protects the name but also gives you the tools to prohibit anyone from using similar symbols. The online trademark registration allows you to create your brand and prevents anyone from using it. By registering, you gain legal security that is legitimate.
  • Any company needs a significant amount of commitment and hard work. If you can create good leads and have a turnover in the lakhs after two to three years, others will try to copy your product. If you don’t have a trademark, other companies will copy your product, and if they file before you, your whole company will be in their possession, and you’ll lose a lot of money.
  • A small investment in online trademark registration or logo registration will assist in establishing a distinct identity for your business, and people will become familiar with it. No other same brand will be able to register with your logo, giving investors more faith in your company.
  • For the owner, a well-known brand or symbol is an intangible asset. If the trademark is registered, you will be able to benefit from it. There are several instances where certified brands can easily sell or lend their franchise for a large fee or royalties.

Documents Required for process of trademark registration

  1. Name of Applicant’s
  2. Business name & Objective
  3. Brand name or Slogan or Logo jpg format
  4. Registered Address of business/ company
  5. ID proof- Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID

Process of trademark registration

Before filing a online trademark application, it’s important to do a trademark search. So, that easy comparison or existing trademark applications recorded can be allocated.

A trademark search will help in your application to be a registered and protected trademark.

  • Selection of classes on basis of goods and services

There are 45 different types of trademarks, and you must know which section or class the product belongs to before applying online trademark registration. Every brand has registered for itself in a specific category, take help from CA Services Online to find your suitable category.

  • Application filing – Get ™ number

By filling form 48, after applying you will get a ™ number that can be used on your products and services. This step is for customer satisfaction. Helps in recognizing that you are in process of registering your mark.

When you complete filing you will be subject to use the ™ symbol on your Trademark.

  • Vienna classification

This is a crucial step in the process of registering a trademark online. The Vienna Classification, also known as the Vienna Codification, is a worldwide classification of trademark components.

The Trademark Registrar will affix a Vienna Classification to your trademark after you have filed a trademark application. ‘Sent for Vienna Codification,’ the application reads at this stage.

  • Publishing journal

In case the application is allowed then it will be advertised in the Trademark Journal for 90 days. Within that period, a person has a chance to propose for an opposition. If it’s rejected then the person will get a chance to prove about the opposition.

  • Certificate of Registration

When you will reach by all these stages, and if the application is accepted then you can begin using the ® symbol which means that the Trademark has been registered. The whole procedure depends on the government which might take a year or two for a trademark certificate.

The validity of trademark certificate

A registered trademark has a time of validity that extends up to 10 years only. After that, you have to for Renewal of trademark registration you made years back. before it has to be renewed again. However, the renewal process should start within one year prior to the expiry of the registered trademark.

If you are not able to do so, the trademark renewal process then marks will be removed from the registered list. But even after your removal from the registered trademark list, you can use the mark but it can be copied by anyone.

If you want to do ease the process of trademark registration then you must take expert help. Lead a successful business with trademarking it with your name. Apply today with LegalPillers and get best and discounted prices.

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