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How to get FSSAI License for Home based food business?

If you run a home-based food business, you must have FSSAI License. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India not only governs and monitors the food businesses but also ensures that food items go through essential quality checks. It is not required to have some kind of units at your home. You may carry food business with some basic equipment which is required for making any kind of food. Important thing is that, you have to maintain hygienic in food and in its making process.

As per Food Safety and Security act, 2006, every Food Business Operator (FBO) shall obtain this Food License. If your food business is small or tiny, it should also be register with FSSAI. It should also be noted here that only turnover is not a single criteria to taking registration or license. However it is also depend upon your business model. Suppose you have a manufacturing unit but your turnover is less than 12 lack. In such case you are not eligible under basic FSSAI registration. Now you have to opt State FSSAI License or Central FSSAI License

Some Benefits of FSSAI Licenses

Steps involved in getting FSSAI License for home-based food business

Here are some simple steps which are explained below:

The first step is to complete your FSSAI application by giving all essential details regarding your food business such as address of premise, details of applicant, registration of business proof, photo of applicant and some other requisite documents ask by department.

It is advised to send the required documents through email, and the professionals will prepare Form A or Form B as the case may be.

On the basis of Application prepared by our professional, we will submit it with department along with requisite fees as applicable.

On the basis of application submitted with department they will conduct due diligence and verify the application and supporting documents. If they think fit they may ask further information or documentation. There after within a month License may issue by the FSSAI Department.

What are the documents required to get an FSSAI license?

For Basic FSSAI Registration:

For State FSSAI License:

What will be tenure of License or Registration?

You may apply for 1 to year of license registration in each category. FSSAI department do not allow to make application for more than 5 years license. Before completion of tenure of license you need to renew it otherwise you will liable for penalty. However the renewal fees will be same as in fresh application.

Some other important aspects

In case Basic FSSAI Registration no physical visit by inspector will conduct. In case if you have any manufacturing unit, there will be physical visit by inspector. Inspector will cross check all the requisite criteria which they have asked and you have mentioned in application. The reason behind inspection is to ensure that you have not provided false information and do not mislead FSSAI Department.

What will be the penalty in case not complied requirement?

FSSAI department has notified various penal provisions over various aspects under FSSAI Act. If you fails in maintaining standard, if you misbranded, if you mislead advertisement, if you are running business without license, if you are Processing/Manufacturing of food under an Unhygienic/Unsanitary condition etc., government shall penalize you or your company. For example if you do not take license and you are running your food business, you may penalized with an imprisonment term up to six months and a fine up to Rs. 5 lakhs.

Conclusion- It is mandatory for all kind of food related business and some other business operators as notified by government to have FSSAI Registration or License as the case may be for initiating their business so that it can avoid unwanted penalties. We at legalpillers has various professional dealing exclusively in FSSAI Registration and it related compliance such as annual return filing, etc. Having vast experience in various industries. So it would be easy for you to  save your money and time if LegalPillers take care all your business related work.

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