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Online Company Registration in Chennai – An Overview

Online company registration in Chennai is among the most suggested ways to begin an enterprise in South India. This type of business provides only a small amount of liability to its shareholders with some restrictions on ownership. An LLP is a partnership, and the partners control and own the business. 

LegalPillers, your trusted legal adviser, offers an affordable service for Online company registration in Chennai. Learn the steps to register your company here. We handle all legal formalities and ensure the requirements for compliance, as specified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Following the approval of the registration, you are issued an official Certificate of Incorporation (COI) alongside PAN and TAN and many other documents.

Benefits of Pvt Ltd Company Registration

New company registration provides numerous benefits. A registered company enhances your company’s credibility. It can help your business in the following ways:

  • Protect yourself from personal liability and shield yourself from risk and loss
  • To attract more customers
  • Get bank credit and good investments from trustworthy investors effortlessly
  • Liability protection helps protect the assets of your company
  • More capital contributions and more stability
  • The growth potential is increased. Large and expand

Checklist for Private Limited Company Registration in Chennai

Following The Companies Act 2013, we must ensure that the requirements of the checklist meet the needs of the index.

Two Directors:

A private limited company has to include at minimum two directors and a maximum of 15. One director of the company must reside in Chennai.

Unique Name

The name you choose for your private Ltd company has to be unique. The proposed name must not be identical to any trademarks or existing companies in Chennai.

Minimum Capital Contribution:

There are no minimum capital requirements in the case of registering a private limited in Chennai. The government has waived off this condition long back under the law of Companies Act, 2013

Registered Office:

An office registered to a private Ltd company doesn’t have to be commercially occupied. Even a rented home can serve as the registered office, as a NOC has been acquired from the property owner.

How to Register a Company in Chennai – The Company Registration Process

Online company registration in Chennai benefits startups as it gives them an advantage over companies that still need to be registered. The procedure of registering your business is complicated and requires several compliance requirements. But don’t be concerned so long as you’ve got LegalPillers because our experts can assist you through each aspect of the Private Limited Company registration.

  • Step 1: Obtain DSC
  • Step 2: Applying name availability
  • Step 3: Finalization of documents and attachments
  • Step 4: Submitting MoA and AoA to start a private limited corporation.
  • Step 5: Application Submission with MCA
  • Step 6: Receipt of COI, PAN, TAN, MOA, AOA, EPFO, ESIC, DIN, and DSC.

Documents Required for Online Company Registration

In Chennai, Private limited company registration can only be completed with proper identification and address evidence. Here are the documents that the MCA accepts to complete the Online company registration in Chennai:

Identity and Address Proof

  • Scanned copy of the PAN card 
  • Scanned copy of Adhaar/voter ID/passport/driving licence
  • Copy of the latest bank statement
  • Photograph of passport-sized specimen signature 

Registered Office Proof

  • Electricity bill
  • Copy of the notarized lease agreement in English
  • Or A scanned copy of the no-objection certificate from the property’s owner

Notice That your registered office does not have not to be a commercial location, but it could be your home too.

About Legalpillers

We have a team of committed, knowledgeable, and research-oriented professionals, and we have been specifically placed to assist entrepreneurs and individuals with their legal and financial advisory needs since 2018. In both emerging and established markets, we offer top-quality services from planning to setting up the business and ensure that it meets all regulatory and legal requirements.

We are a team composed of expertly trained and committed professionals in the field of Business Analysts as well as Company Secretaries and Corporate Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, and Financial Professionals who provides multi-disciplinary legal and financial company establishment for companies in Chennai and business consulting services.

Our primary goal is to guide entrepreneurs in navigating the regulatory and legal requirements, providing assistance and legal advice throughout the entire process, from the beginning to setting up their company. We collaborate with some of the most established and well-known companies and startup entrepreneurs who are visionaries.

Our experts can assist and guide our clients on many legal and regulatory concerns and safeguard their interests and overall well-being.

FAQs on Private Limited (Pvt Ltd) Company Registration Online In Chennai

  • What are the guidelines for selecting the name of the private limited business?

The registrar of corporations (RoC) throughout Chennai requires applicants to adhere to certain rules for naming. Certain of them are subjective, meaning that the approval is contingent on the judgment of the official who handles your application. However, the more carefully you follow the guidelines listed below, your chances of being approved are higher. But first, make sure your name is in the public domain.

  • How long is required to establish an LLC that is private in Chennai?

When you’ve all your documents ready, the process will not take longer than 15 working days. But this depends on the workload of the registry.

  • Do I have the order to participate physically during the process?

It is not true that company formation in Chennai is an online procedure. Since the documents are all filed electronically and electronically, you do not have physical attendance. It is required to provide us with scanned copies of all the necessary documents and forms.

  • What documents are needed to finish the procedure?

All directors are required to provide identification and address proofs and an original copy of their PAN card (for Chennai nationals) and passport (for foreign citizens). A no-objection certificate has to be provided by the proprietor at the office registered space.

  • Can a privately-owned business continue to exist?

The private limited company continues to exist as long as the annual compliance requirements are in place. If you fail to adhere to the rules, it will cease to exist until it is completely removed from the register.

  • Are directors required for the registration of a company?

A minimum of two directors are required to form a private limited company. The maximum number of members is 200. Register as a sole proprietorship when your company is the sole proprietor of the business.

  • How much is the minimum amount required to incorporate a company?

There isn’t a minimum capital required to establish a private LLC.

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