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What Is The Complete Procedure For Online Name Change Of Company?

In India, there are a variety of reasons why a person might want to change their name. It could be because of marriage, luck, or even establishing an identity change. The change of the name of a person is lengthy and involves many administrative formalities. At Legalpillers, we handle all documents and filings to make your online name change process easy.

Whatever the reason behind the name changes, you must undergo a process to modify the name. And the legal procedure to change your Name can be long and complex! But with Legalpillers, the process has been made simpler to allow it to be as simple as it is to alter your identity.

Name Change Process in India

The procedure for changing names includes these steps: Submission of an Affidavit, an announcement published in the newspaper, and an announcement published within the Gazette of India. When completing these steps, the person applying will need certain documents to be certified by the Judicial Magistrate/Notary. To explain in detail, the following are the steps.

Step 1: To create the Name Change Online Affidavit.

Prepare an affidavit with the assistance of an attorney. The affidavit must include information like your last name, the proposed new Name, reasons for changing your Name (marriage or legal, numerology, etc.), and the address. Print the affidavit using an envelope and have it witnessed by two people. Go to a notary for notary notarization of the affidavit.

Step 2: To place an advertisement.

Create an advertisement for changing the names in both a local and a national newspaper. An example advertisement is included in the file section.

Step 3: Gazette Publication – Name Change Gazette Procedure

Send the application and all documents published in the Official Gazette to the Department of Publication. The publication of your name change will appear in the Official Gazette within seven days following the submission. We will keep track of the publication every day. After publication, we’ll send you a copy of The Official Gazette through courier. The process for changing your name appears simple. Still, the details and the nuances aren’t accessible since it requires one to comprehend the legal process and make several visits to government offices. If you’d like to change your Name without hassle, get in touch with Legalpillers. We’ll provide you with all the needed assistance and help to help make the process easy for you.

Request Change of Name in Gazette

The documents mentioned above, printing costs, and a forwarding letter must be sent to the Controller of Publications, Department of Publication, Civil Lines Delhi, Delhi-110054. The documents should be delivered by hand or sent via courier or post to the Department.

If someone who belongs to one religion decides to change their name to a different religion and not alter the faith, they will need to sign an affidavit that states that they have not altered the religion. The affidavit has to be executed by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). The cost of printing advertisements in the Gazette is also different in this instance.

After the application has been received and accepted, the appropriate personnel within the Department will scrutinise the documents. After confirming that the application has been completed, it will be forwarded to the appropriate Govt. of India Press. The notice of name change online service in the Gazette of India will be sent to your residence address via post by the Authority. It generally takes about one to two months for an advertisement for a name change to be placed within The Gazette Publication Part IV.

The Gazette Publication Part IV’s electronic copy will be accessible to download on The Digital Directory of The Gazette Of India.

Make an Affidavit for Change In Name

An affidavit should be provided to show the reasons behind the name change online selected by the individual who has signed the affidavit, in addition to confirming these facts-

  1. The Full Name of the person who applied (deponent)
  2. Name of the father or husband (in the case of married women)
  3. Full address of residence
  4. A declaration that the information contained in the affidavits is true and accurate

The signer must sign the affidavit at the suggested spot. The affidavit should be signed with the help of a Magistrate Judicial, Notary, or an Oaths Commissioner.

Place an advertisement in a newspaper.

The name change announcement should be advertised in one of the major local newspapers, with precise information. The advertisement must include:

  • The original Name and current Name.
  • The Name of the witnessing/attesting authority.
  • The applicant’s complete residence address. The date the affidavit is signed.

When the person applying for the job is an official Government employee, they can present a deed to change the Name following the regulations outlined in Office Memorandum No. 19016/01/87 released from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Documents Required For A Name Change

  • Affidavits on stamp paper
  • The newspaper that was the original with the Name changed advertisement
  • The prescribed form is in printed format, signed by the applicant and two witnesses.
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Photocopies of valid ID documents ( Passport, Aadhaar card, passport)
  • A CD that contains soft copies of the software in .docx format, which has been filled
  • A note stating that the information contained in both the soft and complicated versions of the application is authentic
  • A request letter and the fee for registration for the Authority.

Change of Name with Legalpillers

Legalpillers gives you the most accessible name change online service India or the Gazette publication. You must provide details such as your old Name and your new Name, a permanent address identification proof document, and photographs. We’ll complete the other steps of the name change on your behalf, including creating an affidavit to authorize the name change, publishing advertisements in newspapers, and submitting documents to the Gazette notice.

Why Should You Choose Legalpillers?

At Legalpillers, our team of experts takes away the complex process of having to change your Name to India.

  • We will draft the name change the affidavit
  • We make sure that the publication of newspapers is carried out
  • We will notify you once the gazette notice is published.
  • The process is entirely online
  • Our experts will guide you through the entire process
  • Our support staff will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.


Does the entire process take place online?

The process is completely online. We’ll provide you with the dashboard on which you will be able to do everything.

What should be included on the affidavit for the name change?

To allow our lawyers to make the affidavit of the name change, you must provide the following information:

  • New Name and Name
  • Current address
  • The reason behind the change in Name (astrology and numerology, wedding, and so on).

Do I require any witnesses to alter my name?

You will need two witnesses to witness the process of changing your Name. Additionally, you will need to provide one identity document for each witness.

Does it make sense to create an affidavit to support an identity change?

Yes, the preparation of an affidavit can be a vital part of the process of changing names.

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