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ROC Compliances for Private Limited Companies in India

Due to its numerous benefits, a private limited company is the most popular choice for entrepreneurs who want to establish their businesses. Along with the benefits, there are the responsibilities, which include ROC compliances for private limited companies in India. ROC compliance for Pvt Ltd Company is a crucial aspect that requires sticking to the specific obligations. 

Pvt Company Compliances in India help in various ways, including gaining the trust of investors and other stakeholders. Maintaining proper ROC compliance for Pvt Company is not just a legal requirement but also shows your commitment to being accountable to the government department & your company. It can be complicated to navigate the annual compliances for Pvt Ltd registration. This is the moment when Legal Pillers provides you with expert assistance for the annual compliance of your company.

Benefits of ROC Compliances for Private Limited Companies in India

It is very beneficial for you to maintain the proper annual compliance for Pvt Ltd Company. Here, in this section, we will tell you about the benefits of staying updated with & maintaining the proper compliances after registering a private limited company. 

  • Tax Benefits

Companies can take advantage of tax benefits if a private limited company files the Pvt company compliances on time. ROC Compliance for Pvt Company also helps in avoiding penalties.

  • Reduction of Risk

If the ROC of the Company has been completed correctly and on time, then the legal risk will be reduced. Timely filing of all the annual compliances by a Private Limited Registration will lead to proper governance. 

  • Financial Stability

Proper submission of annual reports & financial statements of a Pvt Ltd Company will make sure about maintaining the solid financial stability of the company. It also helps keep the company’s credibility in front of its stability.

  • Legal Protection for Directors

Directors of Private Limited Companies have a legal responsibility to make sure about compliance. Doing compliance on time for Pvt Ltd Registration helps in the reduction of the personal liability of directors.

  • Avoid Penalties & Fines

Proper ROC of the Company avoids the costly fines & penalties prescribed under the Companies Act 2013 that the regulatory authorities have imposed.

  • Enhanced Reputation

A well-compliant Private Limited Company Registration has been viewed respectfully in the business community. It also helps boost the confidence of the company in front of all stakeholders.

Quick Summary of ROC Compliances for Private Limited Companies in India

Compliances For Pvt Ltd Registration Time Limit/ Due Date
Declaration of Commencement of Business(Form – INC 20A) Within 180 days of incorporation
Auditor Appointment(ADT-1) Within 30 days of incorporation
Holding Board Meetings (at least 4) First meeting within 30 days of incorporation 
Reappointment of Auditor (ADT-1) Within 15 days of AGM
Filing MBP 1 (Director Disclosure) Every year at the first board meeting
Conducting AGM (Annual General Meeting) Within 9 months from closing of FY
Filing AOC 4 (Financial Statements) Within 30 days of AGM
Filing MGT 7A/7 (Annual Return) Within 60 days of AGM
Filing DIR 3 KYC (Director KYC) By September 30 each year
Filing DPT 3 (return of deposits) By June 30 each year
Filing ITR (Income Tax Return) 31st July 2024
Maintaining Statutory Registers & Book of Accounts Throughout the Financial Year

ROC Compliances for Private Limited Companies in India

  • Declaration for Commencement of Business

When you register a Pvt Ltd Company Online, you must have to secure the certificate of Commencement of Business. You have to acquire this certificate within 180 days of incorporation by filing the form INC-20A

  • Board Meetings

Private limited companies must have conducted at least four board meetings, and the first meeting should be held within 30 days of incorporation. The maximum gap between two board meetings should be 120 days.

  • AGM (Annual General Meeting)

The first AGM, i.e., the Annual General Meeting, should be conducted within nine months from the closing of the first financial year. After that, the AGM should be held within six months of the end of the financial year. There should be a gap of maximum of 15 months between 2 AGMs.

  • Auditor Appointment

Companies must have to appoint their first auditor within 30 days of incorporation and shareholders have to confirm the appointment in the first AGM. Auditor appointment will be done using form ADT-1, which must be filed within 15 days of AGM. Its purpose is to inform the ROC about the auditor’s appointment.

  • Director Disclosure

Directors of the company must have to file the form MBP-1 to disclose their interests in any other company. This disclosure should be made every year at the first board meeting.

  • Statutory Audits

It is essential to conduct the statutory audits as per the jurisdiction & the size of Private Limited Registration. An independent auditor has to be appointed to examine the financial statements and provide his opinion on the accuracy & compliance of the company with accounting standards.

  • Filing of Form MGT 7 (Annual Return)

Each Pvt Ltd Company registration must file its annual return using the form MGT 7 within 60 days of conducting the AGM, i.e., the Annual General Meeting.

  • Filing of Form AOC 4 (Financial Statements)

Each Private Limited Company must have to file its financial statement, including balance sheet, statement of Profit & Loss Account, and director’s report within 30 days of holding the AGM, i.e., Annual General Meeting, by using form AOC 4.

  • Filing Income Tax Return

A Pvt Ltd Company must file its ITR, i.e., Income Tax Return, with the IT Department within the time limit that has been prescribed by the government. To file an ITR, the company has to submit all the data related to the balance sheet & profit loss account.

  • Filing form DIR-12

Each Pvt Ltd registration must have to file the form DIR-12 for the appointment/ resignation of the directors (if any) along with their consent within 30 days of appointment/ resignation.

  • Filing DIR-3 KYC

Directors of the company must have to file their KYC using form DIR-3 by 30th September of each year, providing their DIN that was allotted by Mach 31 of that year and the status is approved.

  • Filing Form DPT-3

Companies have to report the details of deposits and outstanding receipts of loans or money other than deposits annually before June 30 using form DPT-3.

  • Maintaining Statutory Registers

Companies must have to maintain and regularly update their statutory registers & records including minutes of board meetings, AGMs, creditors meetings, and debenture holder meetings.

  • Circulation of Financial Statements & Other Relevant Documents

A private limited company has to send the approved financial statements along with the director’s report & auditor’s report to all the members. It has to be sent at least 21 days before the AGM, i.e. Annual General Meeting.

Key Considerations Related to ROC Compliances for Private Limited Companies in India

  • A Pvt Ltd Company registration must have to conduct at least four board meetings in a year.
  • The first board meeting must have to be conducted within 30 days of Private Limited Company Registration.
  • An auditor must be appointed within 30 days of Private Limited Company Registration in India.
  • INC 20A must be filed within 180 days of online Private Limited Company Registration.
  • If you don’t file INC 20A, you will not be able to make changes in the company.
  • Compliances are mandatory for Pvt Ltd Company Registration in India.
  • There is a late fee that has been prescribed by the government for each non-compliance.

Process of ROC Compliances for Private Limited Companies in India by Legal Pillers

  • Step 1: Consultation & Documentation

Our expert team of professionals at Legal Pillers begins by conducting a review of the information of your company & the required documents.

  • Step 2: Preparation of Compliance Forms

On the basis of the assessment, we prepare the forms of compliance with the help of cutting-edge technology of DSCs, i.e., Digital Signature Certificates.

  • Step 3: Submission & Approval

After the successful approval by ROC, i.e., Registrar of Companies, we quickly provide you the acknowledgment & compliance certificate.

Why Legal Pillers is Best For ROC Compliances for Private Limited Companies in India?

There are numerous options available for the ROC compliances for Private Limited Companies after completing the registration process. But among the several choices, Legal Pillers stands as the top choice of business owners for maintaining the ROC compliance for Pvt Ltd Company. Here are the reasons why you should choose us- 

  • Filing by CA/ CS Experts

Our expert team of professionals simplifies the process of compliance, making sure a smooth & hassle-free experience for you.

  • Proper Tax Optimization

Our Income Tax experts will make sure about the proper tax management for your Private Limited Company so that you can save your hard-earned money. You can utilize this money for the betterment of your business.

  • Avoidance of Penalties

With Legal Pillers, you have a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to make sure that your compliances have been filed on time to avoid the penalties.

  • Compliance Calendar

Our team will maintain and keep you updated about the date of complianceso that your work has been done within the government regulations. With our high level platforms of technology, you can get the access to our compliance calendar.


Annual Compliances for Pvt Ltd Company are very important for the smooth functioning and legal compliance of your Company. Companies can maintain the transparency, accountability, and trust among stakeholders by fulfilling these requirements. Directors & management of the company should stay updated with the evolving regulatory landscape. You can seek the guidance from professionals like Legal Pillers to make sure about the flawless compliance. For the right compliance, you have to register your private company properly. And you can register your company effortlessly at an affordable Pvt Ltd Company registration fees.

Legal Pillers will make the process of compliance easy & smooth. Legal Pillers is the top choice of businesses; hence, we will help you fulfill your ROC compliance for LLP and Pvt company compliances. Choose Legal Pillers as your trusted partner and fulfil your compliance obligations properly on time.


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