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Steps To Get a Drug License Online

A significant problem for every government is ensuring that everybody has fair and equitable access to medicines and medical care. The right to produce and distribute medicines and drugs, however, must be granted with caution. Therefore, the government has valid rules for licensing and producing medicines and drugs and selling them. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, is the legislation regulating the end-of-life operation of the manufacture and sale of drugs in India.

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Drug licence registration in India

Drugs help to treat illnesses that specifically guarantee human well-being. Drugs are used in a medically defined ratio to produce drugs. Therefore, standards for the use of the drugs in the right quantities are made by the government so that overdose does not affect the body. In India, a company dealing in narcotics, medicines, or cosmetics is required to obtain a drug license from the appropriate authority.

You know that the drug license is provided by the Central or State Drug Standard Control Organization following the essence of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. It’s very necessary for the business that deals in drugs must apply for a license. In short Obtaining drug licence registration is mandatory whether it is Ayurvedic Medicine, Allopathic Drugs, Homeopathy to manufacture you must register.

In case a company has an operating unit in two states or more states, it has to acquire a drug license for each state in which the business is being carried out. Drug license registration is location-specific. This means that if the drugs are processed or sold for sale and distribution in more than one country, the application shall be sent to all States and licenses shall be given in respect of each such location, with the exception of migrant sellers.

Basic requirements for getting drug licence online

  • Office/Shop Minimum Area.
  • Granted in commercial premises or other separate premises of residence.
  • On-site Refrigerator or Air Conditioner.
  • Needs to comply with the license terms and conditions of the issuing authority.
  • Seen at business premises. Technical staff:- A licensed pharmacist or qualified individual with the same expertise as the Department’s approved Drug Control line.
  • An agency can require various types of drug licenses based on the business type.
  • Consult with our counselor for correct specifications and applicability.

Types of drug license in delhi you can apply for

  • Manufacturing License

All the manufacturers, as described under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 are allopathic, cosmetic, ayurvedic items, or any other medicines or drugs. This is the state license that is issued where the unit is located by the applicable state government.

  • Loan Drug License

The manufacturer of drugs who doesn’t hold land on his own rather likes to manufacture using his brand name on the land to which license is previously assigned.

  • Sale Drug License

The business dealing in the wholesale or retail business for distribution of drugs in India are involved in getting

Sale drug license. It has 2 more parts that are Multiple drug license or import drug license.

  • Multi-Drug License

This is easy to understand the business that operates its business in multiple units that is more than one state is named as Multi-Drug license.

  • Import Drug License

As the name suggests any dealer importing the items for the purpose of manufacturing drugs involved in the business of imports of drugs in India must apply under getting this Drug License.

  • Drug License for Wholesalers

Wholesalers engaging in the pharmaceutical trade must get a wholesale drug license from the legal body “Central Drugs Standard Control Organization”. This license places out certain least conditions for the person applying for it. These conditions are explained as follows:

  • Graduation and Diploma of Pharmacy
  • Minimum one-year drug dealing experience needed
  • Drug License for Retail 

This license is held either by retailers engaging in the pharmaceutical industry or by stand-alone pharmacists, etc. The same is obtained by applying to the Council of State Pharmacy.

Documents Required to get online drug licence

The documents required in India to obtain a drug licence online are explained below:

  • Already, a duly signed application form has been filed.
  • A copy of Challan as evidence that the prescribed fee has been deposited.
  • Proof of identification in the form of a PAN Card, Driving License, Voter ID, Passport, etc. in the event of a proprietor/partner/director being the claimant.
  • If the applicant is a partner business, a copy of the Partnership Deed must be made.
  • Constitution of the company (MOA/AOA) and, in the case of a private/public/OPC, the certificate of incorporation.
  • A copy of the Site Plan and the premises’ main plan.
  • CTC Board Resolution to allow the license to be obtained by the company.
  • Letter of appointment from the individual approved by the organization.
  • A copy of the Real Estate Paper (In the case of owned property). A copy of the Rent or Lease Deed agreement (In the case of rented property).
  • Evidence of availability of storage in the form of invoices, such as cold storage, refrigerator, etc.
  • Affidavit relating to the compliance of MPD 2021 (if the said premise is located in a DDA residential flat/ building or plot).

Registration Procedure for getting Drug License

The following are the steps involved in obtaining an online drug license:

  • Get Credentials for Login

The Initial step for all the users and candidates is to get a UserId & passcode by asking for a request via letter, mentioning all the details of the firm and candidate.

  • Collect Documentation and apply for a drug license

In the process of obtaining a drug license, this is the first and most significant step. All you have to do as an applicant is to prepare all the documents that include the preparation of the main plan, the site plan, and the submission of different affidavits and declarations.

  • Application Filling of the Drug License

The online application can be made for a drug license online. All you have to do at the time of completion of the application is to search and upload all the documents. Later on, however, the inspector will check the papers.

  • Inspector Visiting to check the processing of the business

The equivalent is set aside for inspection after the application for the issue of a drug license is registered, and from that point on, the drug inspector will visit the shop personally to verify the authenticity of your records and details.

  • Issuing of the drug License

When the inspection is completed and all the documentation and records submitted by you are provided to be accurate, the drug license is issued by the drug control. In some cases rejection or cancellation of the file happens, you must adhere to the guidelines they ask for in the cancellation.

Timeline for drug license online

The Drug Regulatory Authority has made it mandatory for all its officials to attend and issue all licenses, whether wholesale or retail, within a time frame of 30 days, as per a recent report published in The Times of India, if all the requisite eligibility requirements are met. The key goal is to make the whole drug license procurement process straightforward and user-friendly.

After your time period is over

Multi-State Operation: apply for drug license

When a company operates in many states say for example you are applying for an online drug licence in up
, and you are willing to have it in all other states like Mumbai, noida,delhi, etc. For opening that branch in another state you must have a drug license in that place. The drug license is exclusive to the area. If medicinal goods are sold or loaded available for purchase at more than one venue, the application should be made and permission should be granted, apart from transient merchants, in respect of each such location. When the license is given to the company, all such licensees must ensure that all the provisions of the drug license are continuously consented to throughout the company. All records/registers/forms must be maintained in the manner defined by the licensing authority, and all progress or changes in business practices should be kept informed by the authorities.


Make sure to submit applications for the grant of licenses, the candidates must ensure that they send the correct application forms and attach all the necessary documents as stated in the booklet “guidelines for obtaining licenses under Drugs and Cosmetics rules or listed under the checklist of documents. Also, make sure you apply for drug license renewal delhi online, if you live n another state do take renewal from that state.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the procedure for drug license renewal delhi online ?

You may apply the completed application to the office of the Drug Licensing Authority of your district with the following enclosures within 15 days of the online registration for renewal.

What are the smallest conditions for a person to get a Medical Shop Drug License? 

If a candidate wishes to get a drug license for his/her medical store or chemist’s shop, he/she must have the least area of 10 sq. Installed meters, air conditioners, and refrigerators at the Medicines Store. Besides, the owner of the shop must employ skilled and professional employees as shop workers.

Where does one file a Drug Quality and Other Infringement Complaint? 

The Department of Drug Control, Govt., may file a written complaint about the questionable quality of drugs. N.C.T. of Delhi, Karkardooma, F-17, Shahdara, Delhi-32. This is in Delhi, other states have the diffrent address of that particular state.

Does a person need a separate drug license for the divisions of his pharmaceutical company to obtain it? 

If a drug dealing business operates in more than two states, then the owner has to obtain a drug license in each state in which the drug dealing business is conducted. The drug license is also a location-specific license, so all locations must be included in a state application.

Under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, what form 11 explains? 

Form 11 is granted, according to Rule 33 of the Drugs and Cosmetics Acts of 1940 and the Regulations, to authorize the importation of small amounts of drugs that are used for research or examination purposes.

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