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Documents are required for online PF registration

The pf registration is very important for all the employees, you know one wrong document submission online can cancel your file and reject. Any type of organization like business, companies all have to register for provident fund registration at some point. Get address the list of documents needed for pf registration in this article. But before that let’s have an overview of what is pf registration, its benefits, how to gets and what are the major documents required for it. Also, know about the epf registration fees in detail.

PF registration online: A Complete Overview

In this section we will discuss a complete insight of the pf registration online along with documentation for the registration :

Introduction to register for employee provident fund :

To make a simple confusion clear provident fund is also named as Employment provident fund (EPF registration). The epf registration is a scheme that is for a social security purpose. That truel helps all the employed to save a little amount of their salary for their future plans or benefits. You can avail of this scheme benefit in a long term, whenever needed.

Every organization has to provide an EPF or Workers Provident Fund to its employees, which is equivalent to a retirement fund. The EPF falls under the framework of the Provident Funds of Employees and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. For organizations with a total staff strength of more than 20, EPF registration is compulsory. So, it’s very important to go for epf registration online.

Where some proportion of the required contribution to the PF scheme is made by both workers and employers, the Provident Fund retirement benefits scheme is open to all employees in the company. EPFO, which is controlled by the Ministry of Labor and Jobs, manages and administers this system.

Eligibility for Provident Fund Registration employers in India

An organization needs to meet the following requirements to be eligible for PF Registration:

  • An organization with an employee force of 20 or more in total.
  • A company that hires more than 20 people. The class of such firms is described here by the Central Government.
  • An organization that has less than 20 employees and has been notified for a period of 2 months of compulsory registration.
  • Companies with less than 20 employees. Do note such companies must, within 2 months or less, send a notice to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization.
  • The employer and the workers of the institution must mutually agree to apply to the Central PF Commissioner for a PF application. From the date of the agreement, a notice must be submitted to the Official Gazette.


Right from the beginning of his employment, every employee is eligible for PF. The responsibility for the PF contribution and deduction is the employer’s responsibility.

Benefits of provident fund registration :

  •  Coverage of Pension

In addition to the employee’s contribution to the EPF, the employer adds an equivalent amount to the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). The EPF would also save you a strong pension.

  • Coverage of all the Risk

In situations like as sickness, death or retirement, the Provident Fund allows the employee’s dependents to offset the financial risks they face in such circumstances.

  • Single Account or one EPF Account

It is possible to pass the PF account when transferring jobs. The Aadhar-related Universal Account Number(UAN) will begin to enable the linking of previous accounts, so it’s important to have uan registration. Instead of being closed down, it can be carried on to the next employer. This uniformity means that the rate of return over the years is compounded.

 Procedure for pf registration online for employers

  • Collect relevant data and records from staff.
  • EPFO-registered establishment.
  • The Employer’s DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) Registry.
  • Complete the application with all information about the employer.
  • Submit the Checked Form and all the documents online
  • Get a PF Certificate of Registration & uan registration

Documents required for pf registration online

All the organization has additional documents that required for the registration, so let’s discuss the common and other additional documents :

Common documents required for provident fund registration :

  • The candidate must hold a PAN card. That too in the name of the company/proprietary for which he/she is applying. Only in the case of the proprietary, PAN card of the owner can be accepted. Make sure that the name mentioned must be exactly as provided to the income tax department.
  • Address proof-The employer has to supply records as business premises for the address entered. As address proof like utility bills, gas bills, telephone bills.
  • Any license or certificate or number of any government authority issued
  • Water Connection document copy in the name of the organization
  • Bank statement or Passbook copy
  • Copy of the company’s post-paid phone bill
  • Proof of the setup date must be given. The setup date is the one when the business begins. It is possible to use the following :
  1. First invoice of sale
  2. Certificate for Incorporation
  3. Beginning of the company certificate issued by the registrar
  4. A certificate that has been issued by the health authority
  5. Permission or approval issued by the government in question.
  6. Bank information is to be added with the account number and IFSC code to the canceled cheque of a Passbook copy.
  • If you opt for voluntary registration, you must give the same letter of consent.
  • If the establishment is a plant, the employer must provide details of the factory along with details of the manager.
  • To this sector, appropriate documents have to be attached.
  • The company’s MOA/AOA must be attached along.
  • The Deed of Partnership in the case of a partnership
  • Each employee’s declaration form along with their photographs of 2 passport sizes.
  • Copy of a bank statement for the current month.
  • A copy of the registration certificate issued by the registrar for companies registered under the Law of Registration of Companies.
  • First purchase bill of all the types of raw material and machinery.
  • Certificate of GST Registration, if registered under GST.
  • Cross canceled cheque
  • Employee identification date, father’s name, and date of birth.
  • Salary and Statement on PF.
  • Register of salary and wages, every voucher, each balance sheet from day one to the latest provisional coverage period.

Additional Documents For Proprietorships

  • The Applicant’s name
  • Proprietor’s Pan card
  • Owner’s ID proof such as Driving License or Passport or Election Card
  • Address proof of the proprietors.
  • For the premises, address evidence.
  • Complete applicant information with their residential address and telephone number

Additional Documents For Partnership Firms,  LLP Company or other Company

  • Name of the business or LLP Company or Corporation of the partnership
  • Certificate of company registration in the case of a partner company. Certificate of incorporation in the case of an LLP or a partner’s firm.
  • Deed of agreement in the case of partnership companies or LLP.
  • Partners’ ID proof-Pan Card, Election Card, Passport, Driving License in the case of a Partnership Company or LLP. Directors’ ID proof in the case of a business.
  • List of all telephone number partners and address proof of all partners in the case of the LLP or Partnership Company. List of all directors in the case of a company with contact information.

Additional Documents in case of Society or Trust ( Section 8 company)

  • In the case of community, trust, etc., it is important to register the entity with the authority in question.
  • Society or trust incorporation certificate.
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Bye-Laws of society and trust.
  • ID proof of the president and all members of society
  • Full information of their full address and telephone number for the president and all stakeholders.
  • Society or Trust Pan card

PF registration online allows Checking the EPF balance

By simply giving a missed call to 011-22901406 from their registered mobile number, members who are registered under the UAN portal can get the information that is available at the EPFO. If the UAN of the member is connected with the bank account number, PAN card, or Aadhar number, then the PF balance and previous donation information can be easily accessed by the member.
By sending an SMS from their registered phone, enabled UAN members will get to know their previous EPFO balance and PF contribution.

EPFO Launches WhatsApp Helpline Service : Recent Updates

14th Oct, 2020 : The EPFO has introduced a Whatsapp Helpline Service for faster and instant answers to the concerns of its users, with the ever growing popularity of the free messaging program – WhatsApp. The helpline offers access to 138 EPFO regional offices, enabling subscribers to contact with workers concerned and to receive one-one advice for their inquiries.


Take expert consultation or advice for PF online registration. Get the PF number in 5 to 10 business days, with epf registration fees on time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it allowed to open an online EPF account? 

Yes, Click on the link to submit the organization’s online application for EPF registration online. The interest rate is set at 8.65 percent in the 2020’s financial year.

Can I activate my PF UAN number online? 

Yes, you can activate the PF UAN number online by visiting the EPFO website.

How do I create the password for my EPF?

EPFO Password can be Reset online easily by verifying it through the registered mobile number on which OTP is sent and you can easily change password.

What are the eligibility criteria for PF registration online?

Employees receiving less than Rs 15,000 a month must become members of the EPF on a mandatory basis.

For employers, is PF compulsory? 

An EPF account is mandatory for all personnel with a minimum salary of up to ‘15,000 per month in companies employing more than 20 employees under the EPF&MP Act, 1952. Although 12% of the basic wage is deducted from the employee for PF, the employer makes a corresponding contribution.

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