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All About Trademark Class 42

All About Trademark Class 42

Trademark Class 42, as per the Nice Classification system, is one of the 45 classes used for trademark registration. It is specifically designated for services related to scientific and technological fields, encompassing activities such as scientific research, industrial analysis, computer programming, design services, engineering, and technological consultancy. This class is essential for businesses and professionals operating in these domains, as it allows them to protect their brand identity and distinguish their services from others in the competitive landscape of scientific and technical industries.

Important goods included in Trademark Class 42

Trademark Class 42 mainly includes services provided by persons related to the theoretical and practical aspects of complex fields of activities, for instance, scientific laboratory services, engineering, computer programming, architectural services or interior design. The services included in this class of trademark are ad given below-

  • Services of engineers and scientists who undertake evaluations, estimates, research and reports in the scientific and technological fields, including technological consultancy.
  • Computer and technology services for securing computer data and personal & financial information and for the detection of unauthorized access to data and information, for instance,-
  • Computer virus protection services
  • Data encryption services
  • Electronic monitoring of personally identifying information to detect identity theft through internet.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Scientific research services for medical purposes
  • Architectural and urban planning services
  • Certain design services, for example, industrial design, design of computer software and systems, interior design, packaging design, graphic arts design, dress designing
  • Surveying (engineering)
  • Oil, gas, and mining exploration services

Services does not included in Trademark Class 42

  • Business auditing (included in class 35)
  • Computerized file management (included in class 35)
  • Certain research services, for instance,-
  • Business research (included in class 35)
  • Marketing research (included in class 35)
  • Financial research (included in class 36)
  • Research in the field of education (included in class 41)
  • Genealogical research (included in class 45)
  • Legal research (included in class 45)
  • Financial evaluation services (included in class 36)
  • Mining extraction, oil & gas drilling (included in class 37)
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware (included in class 37)
  • Sound engineering services (included in class 41)
  • Certain design services like landscape design (included in class 44)
  • Medical and veterinary services (included in class 44)
  • Legal services (included in class 45)

Popular examples of Trademark Class 42

  • McAfee Livesafe: Software as a Service (SaaS) for digital security.
  • Zoho: Software as service and other allied services.
  • Salesforce: Customer relationship management software.
  • Github: Online community for the collaborative development of software.

List of services classified under Trademark Class 42

The detailed list of services that has been covered under this class of trademark is as given below:


  • Analysis for oil-field exploitation
  • Archeological excavation
  • Architectural services
  • Architectural consultancy
  • Artificial intelligence consultancy
  • Authenticating works of art


  • Bacteriological research
  • Biological research
  • Blockchain as a Service [BaaS]
  • Business card design


  • Calibration [measuring]
  • Cartographic or thermographic measurement services by drone
  • Cartography services
  • Chemical analysis
  • Chemical research
  • Chemistry services
  • Clinical trials
  • Cloud seeding
  • Cloud computing
  • Computer graphic design for video projection mapping
  • Computer programming
  • Computer programming of smart contracts on a blockchain
  • Computer programming services for data processing
  • Computer rental
  • Computer security consultancy
  • Computer software consultancy
  • Computer software design
  • Computer system analysis
  • Computer system design
  • Computer technology consultancy
  • Computer virus protection services
  • Conducting technical project studies
  • Construction drafting
  • Consultancy in the design and development of computer hardware
  • Consultancy in the field of energy-saving
  • Conversion of computer programs and data, other than physical conversion
  • Conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media
  • Cosmetic research
  • Creating and designing website- based indexes of information for others [information technology services]
  • Creating and maintaining web sites for others
  • Culturing of cells for scientific research purposes


  • Data encryption services
  • Data security consultancy
  • Design of computer- simulated models
  • Design of costumes
  • Design of interior décor
  • Design of prototypes
  • Design of show scenery
  • Development of computer platforms
  • Development of video and computer games
  • Digital forensic investigations in the field of computer crimes
  • Digitization of documents [scanning]
  • Digitization of photographs [scanning]
  • Dress designing
  • Drug screening for forensic purposes
  • Duplication of computer programs


  • Electronic data storage
  • Electronic monitoring of credit card activity to detect fraud through internet
  • Electronic monitoring of personally identifying information to detect identity theft through internet
  • Energy auditing
  • Engineering
  • Exploration services in the field of the oil, gas, and mining industries


  • Forensic pathology services


  • Geological surveys
  • Geological prospecting
  • Geological research
  • Geological test drilling
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Golf course design
  • Graphic arts design
  • Graphic design of promotional materials


  • Handwriting analysis [graphology]
  • Hosting computer websites
  • Hosting software platforms for virtual reality- based work collaboration
  • Hosting virtual environments


  • Industrial design
  • Information technology [IT] support services [troubleshooting of software]
  • Inspection services for new and used vehicles before sale
  • Installation of computer software
  • Interior design
  • Internet security consultancy


  • Land surveying
  • Logo design services


  • Maintenance of computer software
  • Material testing
  • Mechanical research
  • Medical research
  • Meteorological information
  • Mining of crypto assets/ cryptomining
  • Monitoring of computer systems by remote access
  • Monitoring of computer systems for detecting unauthorized access or data breach
  • Monitoring of computer systems to detect breakdowns


  • Neuromorphic engineering


  • Off-site data backup
  • Oil prospecting
  • Oil-field surveys
  • Oil-well testing


  • Packaging design
  • Pathological testing for forensic purposes
  • Platform as a Service [PaaS]
  • Providing geographic information
  • Providing information related to computer technology and programming through website
  • Providing online geographic maps, not downloadable
  • Providing online non- downloadable computer software
  • Providing online non- downloadable computer software for minting non- fungible tokens [NFTs]
  • Providing scientific information, advice and consultancy related to carbon offsetting
  • Providing scientific information, advice and consultancy related to net zero emissions
  • Providing search engines for the internet
  • Providing virtual computer systems through cloud computing


  • Quality control
  • Quality evaluation of standing timber
  • Quality evaluation of wool
  • Quantum computing


  • Recovery of computer data
  • Rental of computer software
  • Rental of data centre facilities
  • Rental of meters for the recording of energy consumption
  • Rental of scientific microscopes
  • Rental of smart glasses
  • Rental of telescopes
  • Rental of user- programmable humanoid robots, not configured
  • Rental of web servers
  • Research and development of new products for others
  • Research in the field of artificial intelligence technology
  • Research in the field of building construction
  • Research in the field of excavation
  • Research in the field of physics
  • Research in the field of telecommunications technology
  • Research in the field of welding


  • Scientific & technological research in the field of natural disasters
  • Scientific & technological research related to patent mapping
  • Scientific laboratory services
  • Scientific research
  • Scientific research in the field of environmental protection
  • Scientific research in the field of genetics
  • Server hosting
  • Software as a service [SaaS]
  • Software development in the framework of software publishing
  • Software engineering services for data processing
  • Styling [industrial design]
  • Surveying [engineering]


  • Technical writing
  • Technological consultancy
  • Technological consultancy services for digital transformation
  • Technological research
  • Telecommunication network security consultancy
  • Telecommunications technology consultancy
  • Testing and analysis of goods being imported or exported for quarantine clearance purposes
  • Textile testing


  • Underwater exploration
  • Unlocking of mobile phones
  • Updating of computer software
  • Urban planning
  • User authentication services using blockchain technology
  • User authentication services using single sign- on technology for online software applications
  • User authentication services using technology for e- commerce transactions


  • Vehicle roadworthiness testing


  • Water analysis
  • Weather forecasting
  • Website design consultancy
  • Writing of computer code


Trademark Class 42 encompasses a wide range of services related to technology, research, design, and legal matters. Registering a trademark in this class is essential for businesses offering services in these areas to protect their brand identity and distinguish themselves from competitors. It is important to consult with legal professionals or trademark experts to ensure proper classification and protection of your trademark.

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(FAQs) about Trademark Class 42

What is Trademark Class 42?

  • Trademark Class 42 is a category used for trademark registration that includes services related to scientific, technological, and legal activities, as well as research and design services.

What types of services fall under Class 42?

  • Services in Class 42 can include scientific research, technological development, computer programming, software development, legal services, architectural and design services, and more.

How is Class 42 different from other trademark classes?

  • Class 42 is distinct from other classes because it specifically covers services related to the fields of science, technology, and law. Other classes are dedicated to goods or different service categories.

Can I register a trademark for software development services under Class 42?

  • Yes, you can register a trademark for software development services in Class 42.

Can architectural design services be registered under Class 42?

  • Yes, architectural and design services fall under Class 42.

What about scientific research and laboratory services?

  • Yes, scientific research and laboratory services are also classified under Class 42.

Are legal services, such as law firm services, part of Class 42?

  • Yes, legal services, including law firm services, are included in Class 42.

Is trademark registration mandatory for Class 42 services?

  • Trademark registration is not mandatory, but it provides legal protection and exclusive rights to use the trademark in connection with the specified services.

How do I apply for a trademark in Class 42?

  • To apply for a trademark in Class 42, you need to submit an application to the relevant trademark office in your country, providing details about your services and the trademark you want to register.

How long does it take to register a trademark in Class 42?

  • The time it takes to register a trademark can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the complexity of your application. It may take several months to a few years.

Can I register a trademark that includes a logo in Class 42?

  • Yes, you can register a trademark that includes both a word mark and a logo in Class 42 if it is used in connection with the specified services.

Can I register a trademark for multiple services under Class 42?

  • Yes, you can register a trademark for multiple services as long as they all fall under the scope of Class 42.

Can I transfer my Class 42 trademark to someone else?

  • Yes, you can transfer your trademark to another person or entity through a trademark assignment.

What rights do I have as the owner of a Class 42 trademark?

  • As the owner of a Class 42 trademark, you have the exclusive right to use the trademark in connection with the specified services and can take legal action against others who use it without permission.

Can I renew my Class 42 trademark registration?

  • Yes, trademark registrations can usually be renewed indefinitely as long as you continue to use the trademark and meet renewal requirements.

What is the difference between a trademark and a patent in Class 42?

  • A trademark protects your brand name, logo, or slogan used in connection with services in Class 42, while a patent protects inventions and new technologies.

Can I use a trademark registered in Class 42 for unrelated services?

  • Trademarks are specific to the services they are registered for. Using a Class 42 trademark for unrelated services could lead to trademark infringement issues.

What if someone else is using a similar trademark in Class 42?

  • You may need to take legal action to protect your trademark rights if someone else is using a similar trademark for similar services in Class 42.

Can I apply for a Class 42 trademark internationally?

  • Yes, you can apply for international trademark protection through the Madrid Protocol system, which allows you to seek trademark protection in multiple countries.

What should I do if I have more questions about Class 42 trademarks?

  • If you have more questions or need assistance with trademark registration in Class 42, it is advisable to consult with a trademark attorney or contact the relevant trademark office for guidance.

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