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Want To Know About FCRA Registration Process. Here’s What You Need To Learn

A certificate of FCRA Registration Online can be obtained from the Central Government for an association/person that has a clearly defined cultural, economic, or educational program. The organisation applying for FCRA registration must be registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, a trust registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882, or a company registered under section 8. of The Companies Act 2013, etc.

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The association must have been in existence for at most three years. It must have engaged in reasonable activity in the area for which foreign contributions are proposed to be used. The association can include capital investments in land, buildings, vehicles, and equipment. Provided that the Chief Functionary has given an undertaking that the assets would only be used for FCRA activities. The assets will also not be used for any other purposes until the organisation is FCRA registered.

To get FCRA Registration, you must fulfil the following 3 conditions:

  1.  The applicant must not be fictitious or Benami. He has not been convicted of or prosecuted for indulging or encouraging conversion by force or inducement from one religion to another to get the FCRA Registration Online.
  2. Registering for NITI Aayog i.e. Register yourself at NGO Darpan Portal
  3. Exclusively designated bank account opening i.e. FCRA Account in New Delhi Main Branch of SBI Application to FCRA Registration. An online application to grant FCRA registration must be submitted in Form FC-3A. 10,000/-.

 Documentation Required For FCRA Registration :

  • Self-certified copy of the Association’s Registration Certificate.
  • Audited Statement of Accounts for the Last Three Years.
  • An Affidavit is signed by each office bearer, chief functionary, and member is required for FCRA Registration Online.
  • Image of Chief Functionary’s signature.
  • Key details to be filled out in FCRA Registration Form Darpan.
  • Details of “FCRA account” Registration details according to the relevant Act.
  • Expenses incurred in the last three years towards activities for registration.

What is the procedure for FCRA Registration Online?

Below are the steps required to apply for FCRA Registration Online:

  • Accessing the FCRA Online Portal The first step is to log in to FCRA’s online portal.
  • Click on the Forms
  • Depending on the type of registration, applicants need to click on:
  • FCRA Registration Form FC – 3A Application
  • FCRA Prior Permission Form FC – 3B.
  • Create the Username and Password
  • Next, you will need to apply online. After the applicant has selected the “Apply Online” option, it is time to create a username/password by clicking the “Sign Up” option.
  • Log in to the appropriate account
  • After creating a password and user ID, the screen displays the message. The applicant can then log in to their account. After the applicant has logged in, the screen will show “I am applying” and the FCRA Registration must be selected.
  • Start the New Registration Process
  • Next, you will see FC-3 in the title bar. Click on it to begin the new registration process.
  • Provide the Relevant Information
  • Next, fill out the form with all the required documents. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines.
  • * The Executive Committee option must be selected from the menu bar. The Executive Committee form will contain all the details.
  • * By entering “Add details for Key Functionary”, the applicant can edit, delete or add details.
  • Provide the Bank Details
  • After the above-mentioned requirements and details have been filled out, the applicant must provide bank details.
  • After the bank details are filled out, all required documents must be uploaded in PDF format. After the final submission, it is necessary to enter the date and the location.
  • Making the Payment.
  • Next, click on the appropriate button to make your online payment. Once payment has been made and submitted, you cannot make any changes to the form.

Notice: The registration will remain valid for three years after it is granted by an authority.

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When is the FCRA-registered entity required to file an annual return?

FC-4 refers to the annual compliance that must be filed within 9 months of the financial year’s end. This means that it must be filed before or on the 31st of December each year.

Is it possible to receive foreign contributions in rupees?

Yes. Any donation from a ‘foreign source in Rupees, or foreign currency, is considered a ‘foreign contribution’.

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