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Importance of Trademark Registration for Business

Importance of Trademark Registration for the Business you run

Did you want your Business, company, brand, product, or service to stand separately from the crowd? You should register a trademark for your Business to differentiate yourself from the crowd. If you think that there is no need for Trademark Registration so, imagine if some other business used your trademark without your permission and provides the inferior products that result in the degradation of your Business then what will you do? You can’t do anything. To avoid such circumstances, trademark registration online is important.

What is a Trademark?

Before jumping to the trademark registration, it is important to know what actually a trademark is. Basically, a trademark is a mark including a logo, word, tagline, jingle, color combination, slogan, color combination, etc. Trademark has been used by the businesses to distinguish their goods & services from their competitors in the market. There are a total of 45 classes of trademark, including classes 1 to 34 for goods and the remaining 35 to 45 classes for services.

Types of Trademark 

There are different types of trademarks available in India. Each type of trademark has its own importance and plays a crucial role in protecting the brand identity. The types of trademarks available to protect your brand or your Business are as given below-

  • Word Marks

    It is the simplest form of trademarks consisting of words, letters, or numbers like Coca-Cola, Panasonic, etc.

  • Design marks

     These are the visual elements, including logos, symbols, or any graphics like Apple, Nike, etc.

  • Color Marks

     Sometimes, a specific color is associated with a brand as a trademark, like the Cadbury registers purple color as a trademark.

  • Slogan Marks

     Sometimes, the brand identity has been differentiated via any tagline or slogan, like the slogan “Zindagi Ke Saath Bhi, Zindagi Ke Baad Bhi” has been registered by LIC as a trademark.

  • Combined Marks

    These trademarks consist of a combination of word & design elements like Mac Donalds.

  • Sound Marks

     Some products have a distinctive sound work as their brand identity known as jingles.

  • Product Packages

     These are the trademarks involving the packaging & appearance of the products like different soft drinks have unique packaging & appearance registered as their trademark. 

Importance of Trademark Registration

If you want to protect your Business, trademark registration is the most important step you should take. By registering your trademark, you can protect your Business, protect the brand identity provides the legal protection to your Business and make your company different from the other competitors in the market. Moreover, if you want to protect your intellectual property rights, then you should apply for the trademark registration. The importance of registering the trademark is as given below:

  • Brand protection

If you register your trademark, then it will help you to protect your brand and restrict your trademark from being used by others without your permission.

  • Brand Recognition & Reputation

A registered trademark establishes a unique identity of your Business in the market, making it easier for the customers to identify and trust your products & services.

  • Legal Protection

A registered trademark provides you the Legal Protection. Trademark Registration grants you the exclusive rights to use the registered trademark in all the applicable classes, and you can sue unauthorized users for using the registered trademark.

  • Business Expansion

If you want to expand your Business both nationally and internationally, then a registered trademark provides you a solid foundation.

  • Protection from Infringement

It acts as a barrier for those who attempt to use your registered trademark or similar without your permission. In that case, you can take legal action against the third party. In case of infringement court can order the third party to stop using the registered trademark, and even the profits made by the third party by using the registered trademark can be given back to the registered owner.

  • Business asset

A registered trademark helps you in enhancing your business value, resulting in increasing the brand reputation. You can sell, assign, franchise, or transfer your registered trademark like any business asset.

  • Brand Goodwill

As you know, branding is very important for any business or company, which can be improved by the Trademark Registration only.

  • Use of Ⓡ symbol

Once your trademark has been registered, then, you can use this symbol that indicates to the third parties that they couldn’t use this symbol without your permission. It also ensures the customers that your products or goods are original and they can trust you.

Process of Trademark Registration for Business

The process of trademark registration for Business is as given below-

Step 1: Understanding the eligibility criteria

Firstly, you have to understand the eligibility criteria. Your trademark must be distinctive and not identical to any other existing trademark.

Step 2: Classification of trademark

The applicant must classify their trademark into the specified categories of the Nice Classification System, which comprises 45 classes of goods and services.

Step 3: Search for Trademark

After classifying the class of the trademark for your Business, you should have to do a thorough search of the trademark in the same class via an online database of the Indian Trademark Registry.

Step 4: Trademark Application filing

After making sure that no similar trademark has existed then, you have to proceed with filing the trademark application.

Step 5: Fees Payment

For the trademark registration process you must have to do the payment of the required fees. Usually, in case the applicant is an individual, then the government fee is Rs. 4500/-; however, in case the applicant is a corporate body, then the government fee is Rs. 9000/-.

Step 6: (TM) Symbol

After filing the trademark registration application, you will get your acknowledgment, and you can use the symbol (TM) with your brand name.

Step 7: Trademark Examination 

After applying, the uniqueness and availability of the proposed trademark will be checked by the Registrar of Trademarks, who generates a trademark examination report.

Step 8: Replying to the objection

If the examiner raises any objection, then the applicant must have to respond to the objections within 30 days.

Step 9: Trademark publication in journal

After resolving all the objections and application acceptance by the examiner, the trademark will get published in the trademark journal for public.

Step 10: Settlement of third-party opposition

If the third party raises any objection or opposition, then resolving it is an important aspect.

Step 11: Trademark Registration Certificate

After resolving all the issues, the certificate of Trademark Registration will be granted to the applicant, and you can use the symbol Ⓡ.

Documents required for Trademark Registration for Business

In the case of a company or LLP – 

  • Registration Certificate of Business (COI)
  • Details of the authorized person
  • MSME/ Start-up Recognition (if available)
  • Adhaar or PAN
  • Email ID and Contact Number
  • logo

Why LegalPillers is the top choice for Trademark Registration?

  • User-friendly interface

At LegalPillers, we provide a straightforward and easy-to-understand process for trademark registration. Even those with limited legal knowledge can navigate the platform with ease, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

  • Expert Guidance

With LegalPillers, you gain access to a team of professionals who are well-experienced in trademark laws and regulations. We offer expert guidance and assistance at every step of the registration process, ensuring that your application is accurate and compliant.

  • Time & cost-effective

At LegalPillers, we make the trademark registration process smooth, saving you time and money. By eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork and complex procedures, the platform enables you to register your trademark quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Comprehensive Services

In addition to trademark registration, we offer a wide range of comprehensive services to meet all your legal needs. Whether you require trademark search, renewal, or infringement protection, we provide a one-stop solution for all your trademark-related requirements.

  • Secure and Confidential

The security and confidentiality of your trademark information is our priority. We work with advanced encryption technology to safeguard your data against unauthorized access or breaches, ensuring peace of mind throughout the registration process.

  • Personalized Support

We understand that every trademark registration is unique, and thus, we offer personalized support for your specific requirements. Our team of experts is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need every step of the way.

  • Customer Satisfaction

At LegalPillers, customer satisfaction is the utmost. We provide exceptional service and support to every client, ensuring that your trademark registration experience is smooth, stress-free, and ultimately successful.

  • Accessibility

With LegalPillers, you can initiate the trademark registration process from the comfort of your own home or office. The platform is accessible online, allowing you to submit your application at your convenience, without the need for in-person visits to legal offices.

LegalPillers simplifies the trademark registration process with its user-friendly interface, expert guidance, time and cost efficiency, comprehensive services, secure handling of information, personalized support, and accessibility. With LegalPillers, you can protect your brand with confidence, knowing that your trademark registration is in capable hands.


It’s good to safeguard your Brand identity, and for this, you should register the trademark for your Business. Trademark registration will help you to protect your brand & brand identity. It provides the legal protection to your Business. If you want to maintain the goodwill of your Business, then don’t waste time and register your trademark now with LegalPillers. We are here to help you with the hassle-free registration of the trademark for your Business.

So, choose LegalPillers as your trusted partner for the registration of your business trademark and secure your Business.

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